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Nov 29, 2007 06:51 AM

Best Steak in Charleston?

My wife and I are headed out for the first time since our 6 month old was born. Since it's been so long since we've been on a "date", we're looking to splurge and I really want a great steak. I've heard great things about Grill 225, but I've also heard their service can be disappointing at times. Have others had good/bad experiences there? Is there somewhere else that you would recommend over Grill 225? Thanks!

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  1. I can only attest to Oak which fits your description. Pricey and delicious steaks, the atmosphere fits the bill for a date. I have been discouraged by others to eat at Grill 225 though have no personal experience.

    Congratulations on your baby!

    1. I do not care for Grill 225. A friend, whos oppinion I respect, raved about Oak. I know that McCrady's used to do a ribeye cap steak. This is the tastiest part of the entire cow. It is as tender as the fillet but tastes like beef and butter. If they still serve it you owe yourself the treat.

      1. Admittedly again, it's been some time since I have been to Charleston, but on our last trip to Kiawah Island Resort, we ventured to Magnolia's. Two in our group had the Filet Mignon with Blue Cheese Gravy and thought it was outstanding. If Magnolia's is still around, I would suggest you try there instead of a Traditional Steak House.