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Nov 29, 2007 06:32 AM

Would like suggestions for make ahead and freeze meals for one

Giving 95 y.o. woman who lives alone healthy meals she can pull out of freezer and reheat. My problem is coming up with combinations that can be put in one container and micro'd all at once. Wondering if I need to do separate containers for mains and sides, but would prefer not. Any suggestions?

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  1. Lock and lock containers have dividers that you can use to separate food. It really depends on what or how she likes to eat, but I think you can find a lot of really good ideas from bento techniques.

    Some others that have worked well for me: salmon, potatoes, green beans; fried rice, glazed carrots; curry and rice; lasagna, vegetable mix with balsamic vinegar; burritos; pretty much any non-cream based soup or stew; egg, cheese, ham sandwiches; chicken breast, caramelized onions, and gruyere on top of rice; etc.

    Again, these items can be easily separated in the same container with plastic food dividers.

    Good luck!

    1. I’ve been doing this for my 90-year-old mom. I go out to her house a few times a month and cook up a whole bunch of stuff to put in individual microwavable containers. My mom can only eat soft foods and needs high-protein, high-calorie meals, so I’ve been making lots of pasta/cheese dishes and soups. Since I take my computer with me instead of my cookbooks, I get all my recipes from Epicurious. Here are a few that reheat very well and that she’s really liked a lot.