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Nov 29, 2007 06:17 AM

Cookie Party Ideas Needed

I'm going to an annual cookie party and need to make 10 dozen cookies. Last year I made the Neiman Marcus cookies because they have a giagantic yield. This year I want to step up my game a bit. Any ideas for something mildly impressive that yields a ton? Thanks!

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  1. I'm a big fan of Greek honey cookies (melomakarona, I think).

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    1. Biscotti hold up well and aren't as commonly made for exchanges. I have one from Williams Sonoma for hazelnuts and chocolate if you're interested. It makes enough that the dough has burned out a couple of hand mixers. Not quite 10 dozen, I don't think, but you can double it.

      If this is for families with children (and no nut allergies), monster cookies are always a hit. They have peanut butter, oatmeal, chocolate chips/M&Ms/toffee bits:

      1. These are delicious, and fast to make. Very easy to double or triple the recipe for a crowd..

        Jam Splits

        2 c flour
        1/2 tsp baking powder
        2/3 c sugar
        1/2 tsp salt
        3/4 c fresh unsalted butter--very soft
        1 unbeaten egg
        2 tsp vanilla
        1/2 c raspberry jam

        Preheat oven to 350.
        Mix dry ingredients together. With a wooden spoon, mix in soft butter, then egg and vanilla.
        Divide dough into 1/4's on floured board.
        Shape each dough piece into a roll 13" x 3/4 thick, 2 rolls per baking sheet (at least 4" apart.
        Make a depression down the center of each roll using your pinkie finger. Fill with raspberry jam (do not mound jam or it will run down the sides) and bake till just lightly golden. Do not allow cookies to brown.
        Remove sheets from oven, let cool 5 minutes then cut into 3/4" slices on the diagonal. Makes about 50 to 60 cookies.
        Store in airtight tins between layers of waxed paper.

        These cookies have a nice crunch, and a flowery flavor from the unsalted butter and raspberry jam. They are great tea cookies any time of year.

        Please share any great recipes you get at the exchange!

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          ok, this one took a few minutes before i figured it out! it sounds awesome. thanks so much.

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            "depression" = shallow trough. I extend my pinkie staight out and press into the soft dough to make a shallow trough to be lightly filled with jam.

            "Do not allow cookies to brown" The rolls have baked and flattened out. Remove sheets from oven and let cool before slicing on the diagonal.

          2. I go to an annual Christmas cookie party that is very fussy about their cookies. Last year I made Pine Nut Cookies with Rosemary from Nov 06 Martha Stewart Living. They were a very big hit and I will be repeating them this year. Recipe is available on her website.

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              french chocolate macarons - does not yield a ton - but literally will knock the socks off anyone who loves chocolate. unbelievably tasty -


              enjoy and have fun!

              1. re: potterstreet

                potterstreet, thanks for this link. I'm looking for a different chocolate cookie (rather than my chocolate pixies) this year to package with my candy gift boxes. This cookie looks like it has everything I'm looking for, it is also pretty to present which is always a bonus! And I will use really good chocolate to get the maximum benefits of course!

            2. you could also have savory cookie - a cheese or herbed biscuit, lavender/rosemary shortbread, parm twists, or sour cream based cookies