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Nov 29, 2007 06:03 AM

Johny Banana's re-formatted

Hi all, the "Latin Fusion" place Johny Banana, at Queen & Bathurst, having mixed reviews for it's first year and a half or so has changed it's offerings to be "authentic mexican gourmet burrito's -- fast food concept". Anyone been?...pricing seems good as long as portions are resonable ($7 large burrito)...

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  1. Whenever I pass by it it always seems to be closed.... so I wish I had an opinion on it

    1. Hi I just went this last Monday, they said they changed the concept few weeks ago. I really liked it cause the prices are way lower than before. I had a large chorizo burrito for less than 7 bucks so I think that is pretty reasonable. And you can still enjoy a beer or their spicy hot chocolate which I think is quite good. Definitely going back!

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        you mentioned beer and the hot they still have the drinks selection (e.g. margaritas, and the non-alcoholic fruity drinks)?

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          No I think now they only have pop, canned juices, beers and the hot chocolate. Too sad cause I liked their mojito mmm... but I think I like better their new prices ha! I think this is what they needed, their food was great but not the prices. Now I can even eat there every day of the week!

      2. I managed to go for lunch, had the large (weighed over a pound!) chicken mole burrito, next time I will get the extra spicy -- I got spicy but it was like medium -- I though it was great though, alot going on in there like one from burrito boyz but a better product and atmosphere, nice space to eat-in, and price was better I think, at $6.95, I will be back for co-worker got the chorizo & potato burrito and she said it was good too...hope they have daily soups during the winter... I wish them the best, seems like they should do well...

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          I had the chicken mole burrito last night. My "spicy" was unevenly distributed. Maybe you just missed the big blast. Otherwise, really, really great, couldn't eat the whole thing - will finish the rest for lunch today and see how it holds up. Great chips and guac, the pork and pineapple tacos rocked hard.

        2. Anyone been lately? I went over the holidays and got the chorizo & potato burrito, was tasty but the proportion of rice to the rest of it was brutal, like 75% rice...I was the only one there at the time and they make them to order so it wasn't an accident, I hope they haven't cheapened their offerings this badly...will give them another try since the mole burrito was so good...fingers crossed...