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Nov 29, 2007 05:04 AM

Gramercy Tavern Gingerbread-Questions

Happy Holidays All!

So, I'm thinking of trying some new things this baking season. I love anything and everything gingerbread. I've seen a lot of posts about how good the Gamercy Tavern Gingerbread is. I've also read how tough it can be to get out of the pan. I was hoping someone could answer a few questions:

When baking in loaf pans, do you grease and flour? Or line with parchment?

Does anyone have a time estimate for baking in loaf pans?

Anyone tried cupcakes or mini cupcakes?

How far in advance could I bake to give away?

Any other thoughts or tips would be appreciated.

I'm also on the lookout for gingerbread biscotti and gingerbread whoopie pie recipes :-)


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  1. Anyone? Emme? Sorry to top myself, but I was hoping to get started testing tomorrow night :-)

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      If you search the hone cooking board for "gramercy" there are a few threads where people give various cooking tips about this recipe (several note that is tastes better the next day).
      Here are a few:

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        absolutely sorry!

        okay, so i spray with pam and flour my loaf pans. i bake 50 minutes or so, then start checking for almost doneness... sometimes depending upon the whether they take between 55 and 65 minutes... they continue to set up after they get taken out of the oven, so they shouldn't be overly firm or done when taken out, or else they get dry upon cooling. wait 5-10 minutes then remove from loaf pans to a rack to cool for a few hours, then i return to the loaf pans to wrap up and store or give away. you can bake em 3-4 days in advance and they last a couple of weeks, and even freeze well. they get better with age over the first week or so.

        never done cupcakes, but you could also try mini loaf pans...

        any more questions, feel free to ask!

      2. From reading the links provided by Honey Bee, it seems that you need to be careful which recipe you use, as there are two on epicurious. I must have missed those threads last year, as I love ginger bread and think I need to make it this year.

        This is the recipe that Candy and others recommended in prior threads:

        1. I made the gingerbread biscotti from They are naked in the freezer right now, but im going to dip the bottoms in white chocolate.

          1. i recently made this in a bundt pan and it definitely sticks if you're not careful. i used butter and it just stuck on one part and ruined the look, but still tasted great. definitely recommend dusting with powdered sugar and a little ice cream on the side. i remember seeing on the epicurious website that someone recommended the bakers spray that has flour in it and had no problems so you might want to give it a shot. as for the posts that said it got chewier as days went by, i didn't notice any difference in the 4-5 days i went through it.

            1. I've made this recipe often and find you need to butter, flour and parchment even the loaf pans.
              It's delicious though, and worth the fuss.
              Have also made it as cupcakes and mini cupcakes, they are delicious and a no-brainer, when you figure in the cake liners. Won't stay as moist as long though.
              Also, feel free to mix up the spices, adding whatever, even black pepper. And sometimes I use Chimay instead of Guiness.

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                Thank you all!! Emme, I appreciate the tips. I'm going to start with the Gingerbread recipe, may try the Stout Cake recipe after the holidays. I will report back, hopefully with tales of success.