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ISO high quality coffee beans

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I'm putting together a gourmet food gift box for my boyfriend's parents for the holidays and would like to include coffee. Unfortunately, I'm not a coffee drinker so I'm not sure where to look for good coffee beans. Can anyone make a suggestion? Thanks!

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  1. Kicking Horse is an excellent Canadian company from Invermere BC. They make amazing coffee that is certified organic, shade grown and fair trade. You can get it in most grocery stores across the city and it is about $16/lb. My personal favorite is the "Kick Ass" blend. You can read up on the company here: www.kickinghorsecoffee.com

    1. Itelligentsia beans. I got them at Manic on College, $9 for half a pound, they also have 1 pound bags. Best coffee (other than Kona or JBM) that I've had.

      1. Dark City Coffee Co. will roast your beans and deliver to your door within 24 hrs of order placement. Excellent Toronto-based service. I think there's a minimum order of 1lb though.


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            I always order from Peet's Coffee from California.

            I usually get it within a week, they coffee has always been excellent.

          2. Everyday Gourmet at the St. Lawrence Market roasts on site. Exceptional quality and freshness. Many organic and fair trade coffees available. Plus the women that work there are very friendly and knowledeable. They may be able to help you find just the thing for your boyfriend's parents to suit their tastes.

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              I often order coffee beans from Brulerie Tatum, a firm in Montreal. They have an informative website (French and English) that describes their coffees, and takes orders in various quantities. I have always found trheir service accurate and prompt.


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                Does their English website actually work? The link at the top of the page is live, but doesn't go anywhere. The link at the bottom is dead.

            2. I rarely see this mentioned, but the coffee beans at 10,000 Villages is excellent and Fair Trade. While they get it from roasters that are out of province (Nova Scotia and BC, I think), its all roasted to order, and furthermore I believe 10,000 Villages is somewhat involved in the sourcing. As well, profit at the retail level goes to an organization that is trying to do some real good!

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                What do you mean "roasted to order"? They might roast specifically for 10,000 Villages, but that says nothing about how long the roasted beans sit before a consumer can get a hold of them.

                As for Fair Trade, it's a good start, but nothing compared to what a number of US roasters are now doing. See this site for information on Intelligentsia's Direct Trade program: http://www.intelligentsiacoffee.com/o...


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                  Fair enough. By RTO, I meant that they only roast when 10,000 villages places the order. Your right that it may sit on the shelf for awhile...I've never had a bad or stale batch however in three years of drinking it. It goes pretty fast.

                  But 10,000 Villages is run by the Mennonite Central Committee (mcc.org) as a non-profit and does fantastic work around the world, including relief work, promoting fair trade etc. etc.. While sometimes done in a religious context, the mcc is a model for this type of organization (and I am not religious at all). For example, they were one of the first organizations on the ground after the tsunami hit SE Asia.

              2. As a coffee nerd i've tried a lot of coffee in Toronto. Manic's Intelligenstia beans are by far the best in the city in terms of consistency, flavour and variety. Personally I'm loving the Flecha Roja from Costa Rica. Its got chocolate and caramel and is smooth beyond belief. If you want something really special they have some Rwandan Gold Cup winner I suggest batch 4 or 1 as they are both unbelievable cups of coffee, though a little more expensive.

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                  I love the coffee at Whole Foods, particularly the organic dark french roast. It is usually roasted daily and costs $14.99 lb.

                  The coffee at Ezra's Pound is excellent. I don't know if he sells coffee beans to go. I have only had the brewed coffee.

                  1. Thanks for all your recommendations! I'll be searching out some coffee this week.