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Nov 29, 2007 03:25 AM

Lucien on Wellington

Well we hit it last night, waited for all glitches to settle and glad we did ... had the four course tasting, their house cosmo (chambord and casis) is a must and hubby had classic martini ... ask for Dave to be your server he is there but not there and knows his wine ... wine list is still very small (especially by the glass), they need to add a few started bubbles, only champagne but the tasting matches wines perfectly ... finished with the cheese plate and two ports (good selection of after dinner drinks by the way) and ran us 4 bills ... we did do it right though .. big foodies and have to admit was amazing ... compared to Scaramouche, Perigee and Mistura would be in the running or better ... had the sushi pizza (the accompanyments make this), ravioli foie gras, elk, and apple fritters with homemade ice cream .. presentation is incredible and simple makes each dish .. we were plenty satisfied with quantity with the four courses .. cheese actually was an overdue but well worth it .. didn't need to roll home ... a must try if you are a foodie ... don't be fooled by the other write ups ... does turn into quite the bar scene at 8 pm .. but adds to atmosphere .. we went early 530 highly recommend this for service and atmosphere and ask for a table by the window, one seats 4 and two seat 2 ... enjoy we will see you there !!

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  1. Thanks for the report. What were the prices like?

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      I think that hazzelnuts reporting of the meal "ran us 4 bills" means $400.

    2. I find $200 a head for Lucien to be a bit much. I like the atmosphere, and some of the cooking is well executed but not all. Wine list is short and pricey. I must disagree with some of the posters on this board about their "deconstructed sushi pizza" (shudder). That dish was by far the worst I had there. Overthought, to many things going on on the plate, all of which overwhelm the delicate raw fish. If I'm paying sashimi tuna prices, I should be able to taste more than salt, aioli, and roe.


      1. I was there last Friday night and I didn't love it.
        In general I found that there were too many flavours on the plate - although the presentation was beautiful.
        The service was too much - intrusive actually. We were asked how each course was by the owner (I think it was the owner), waiter and bus boy - so 9 times.

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          That's a great comment. There seams to be a trend in Toronto dining of intrusive service. If I am out having dinner, the last thing I want is to be interrupted 10 times over the course of a meal to see if everything is ok. Look at my plates when they go back! Do I look happy? Ask me when taking the dessert order. My thinking is that someone who keeps asking me how things are, shows no confidence in what they are doing.


          1. re: Matt416

            Agreed. The best service I've had has always been attentive and friendly, but unobtrusively so.