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Nov 28, 2007 11:05 PM


Does anyone have a tachinomiya that they really like/recommend?
There is one that I sometimes hit after work on the walk home in the (Hachobori/Nihonbashi) area but I don't know the name. Its always crowded. The specialty is kushiage and they use very fresh ingredients and do everything well and rather cheaply. They also make some burdock root chips which are fried perfection.

Also...I've seen some Oden yatai (street stalls) around town lately. I can't get enough daikon, but I can't stand those chikuwa fish-stick things. Anyway, these stands are a great place to sit down and meet people.

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  1. What part of town are you looking for tachinomiya? I've just come back with an excellent magazine with a good section on tachinomiya and I'd love to recommend one for you to check out. But they are spread out around town.

    Where are the oden stalls in Tokyo? I used to go to the ones next to the river outside the west exit of Yokohama Station. Tasty but "takai"...

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      I love to eat in this oden restaurant (not exactly a stall) Otako in Ginza.

    2. What Silveryjay said. There was a big boom in "stand bars" in 2005/2006, and there are still lots of them everywhere, but you probably don't want to travel across town just to stand up for a drink.

      My favorite is Bongout Noh in Shibuya, which serves frog's legs and lots of different wines. Then there's Meishu Center in Hamamatsucho, where you can get 3-glass tasting sets of sake.

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        I'll second Bongout Noh, and add Buchi at shinsen crossing near Shibuya. One of the owner/producers is a sommelier so there is always something interesting to drink. These places are a rare example of concept backed up with a commitment to detail on the food, service, and decor. Always a friendly crowd too. I'd travel a ways to eat at these places. Anyone eat at Cero Kitchen in Kamiosaki?

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            Hmm. Thanks for the recommendations. I've been to both Bongout and Buri. Both decent but to be honest I try to stay clear of the places with more gaijin than salarymen. Like most places, I find the food is better and drinks cheaper at unknown spots. Its easier to meet people as well.
            Anyway, I work in the tokyo-yurakucho-nihonbashi area so anything around there is probably a good bet.

            Oden stalls have been in Nihonbashi-Hachobori area. Unfortunately not really in easy to describe places, but maybe if you wander around (terrible plan, I know) you could find some.

            1. re: tokyosalaryman

              I don't like Buri, but not because of the customers look like me, the food is just not very good and the service was distracted when I visited. As for places full of salarymen, to be frank, after 15+ years here the thrill of drinking with cabin-sucking, barcode-coiffed rimen has worn thin. The one exception to this is the amazing meat market bar in Oimachi where the rimen are leavened by a lot of old drunk guys with gap-toothed smiles. But chacune a sa gout, if you really are looking for something good to eat you would do well to follow the OL's, they are generally more interested in good food, rather than just getting pissed.

              1. re: steamer

                Definitely agree. Most places packed with just suits and clouds of smoke don't do it for me. But if I see some OLs toughing it out I know the food is worth it.

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                  [quote]thrill of drinking with cabin-sucking, barcode-coiffed rimen has worn thin. [/quote]

                  Haha, that was awesome. I don't normally laugh at loud from Chow posts. Well done.

                  1. re: lost squirrel

                    Hmmm. Yeah, good line. But for chow, between salarymen and OLs, I'll take the Cabin suckers any day. They may keep better company and offer better presentation, but I've never seen OLs as anything more than trendy bargain seekers and would do just as well avoid their congregation spots (now that I'm married anyway). I've certainly never heard anything in popular Japanese culture that elevated OL-targeted fare as anything but a niche- albet significantly large one. I often pick up the OL targeted travel magazines and there's heavy emphasis on sweets, novelty foods, and bargains- which all have their due place in the panthanon of chowhounding. Just not top shelf.

                    1. re: Silverjay

                      To each his own, but I still think the OL's are more likely to know what's going on. No the won't lead you to ramen shops or horumon yaki places and I'm not suggesting you follow them to the OL equivalent--trendy cafes or pastry shops--but for just about anything else they are the serious chowhounds.

              2. re: steamer

                Went to a tachinomiya on the other side of Meguro Station called "Bistro Shin" the other night- though technically they had some counter seats. Some good looking seasonal mushroom dishes. And they serve shochu, not just wine (thank Buddha)...


            2. oh, and I've heard this oden place is pretty good. Anyone been?

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              1. re: tokyosalaryman

                The only oden place I have been to is called Konbuya in Nishi-Azabu. It was a great experience! One of the most tender beef tongue I have ever had! And those oysters cooked on a konbu, yummy!

                Would be interested to hear other's comparison of Konbuya with the other oden places.

                1. re: HKTraveler

                  I haven't eaten in any other oden restaurants besides this one and one stand-up bar in Fuchu (unless you count 7-11, hehe) but anyway, it was very good! I went with a colleague and we did the oden course. It's quite a cool little place, I'm planning on taking my mom when she visits.


                2. re: tokyosalaryman

                  A small group of us tried to go to the Maru-biru location a couple of weeks ago, but it was packed. One hour wait on a Tuesday night. You should check out and other Japanese sources for oden recs. This board is heavily slanted to non-Japanese dining. I had some at a small place in Oimachi the other day. Not bad, but not destination dining... I left my magazine in the office today. I'll post over the weekend if I can find some tachinomi spots in your area. Should be some, as that's the center of the salaryman universe. Have you tried cruising along the train along the "ガード下" from Tokyo to Shinbashi?

                  1. re: Silverjay

                    >>Have you tried cruising along the train along the "ガード下" from Tokyo to Shinbashi?

                    Good idea.