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Nov 28, 2007 10:39 PM

Asian Birthday Cake

Hello everyone!....

I've been doing some research online to find a nice asian bakery for a birthday cake but I haven't had too much luck. I usually get my cakes at a philipino bakery on the corner of 69street and roosevelt avenue but want to try something new.

If any of you could recommend me a nice chinese, korean or japanese bakery i would really apreciate it. I heard that Korean bakeries have really tasty treats!.... I will be heading towards flushing tomorow to scope out the area.


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  1. If you were willing to trek to Brooklyn, 8th Avenue between 42nd and 62nd Streets encompasses the Sunset Park Chinatown and has a number of good bakeries. Can't compare them to Flushing myself, but another option if you don't find what you're looking for in Flushing

    1. I am Korean and I despise Korean bakeries. Their cakes and pastries look pretty but they are extremely overpriced ($30-$50 range) and are usually dry and overly sweet. Trust me, you WILL be disappointed. On the other hand, Chinese bakeries make much yummier cakes that are far more reasonable in price ($13 - $25). I'm not sure where you are, but being that you go to 69th and Roosevelt, Fay Da Bakery in Elmhurst right off Broadway on Justice Ave is closer to you than Flushing. I haven't yet seen a full-fledged Japanese bakery in Queens, but I'd love to try one.

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        yes, if you are in queens, flushing has a ton of chinese bakeries that have cakes. i love the chinese cakes that are multi-colored in a checkered pattern and it's a big block. you would think it would be a huge, sugary mess, but it's actually really light, not too sweet and quite good. now i've got a hankering for it. ;)

        i believe tai pan bakeries carry cakes (the 2 locations, both on main street - one is closer to northern blvd and the other is closer to the botanical garden). i like tai pan better than fay da. maybe it's b/c tai pan is much busier so there is higher turnover. there's also a tai pan on canal st in the city.

        i don't think that korean bakeries are all THAT bad, i've had some decent cakes from gateux bakery and goryodang. but, i agree with oc200 - very pretty but very overpriced. i'd steer clear of korean bakeries for cakes, but def go for the pastries!

        as for japanese - unfortunately, i can't think of a single place in queens. minamoto kitchen in the city and in mitsuwa supermarket in nj carry a plethora of delicious (and expensive) pastries, but i don't recall ever seeing cakes at either location.

        cafe zaiya in midtown (i believe 41st or 40th and 5th ave), a japanese eatery with a beard papa's - has a selection of cakes. but i can't attest to whether they are good or not. they look very pretty, however.

        oh, and sakagura, the nondescript japanese restaurant in eastern midtown, carries the most amazing truffles. sorry, i know that's not cake-related, but i had to throw that in. :-)

        1. re: Linda

          Beard Papa's.....drool.

          I'd kill for one of those places in Queens.

          1. re: oc200

            just to edit myself, according to, cafe zaiya will be getting rid of their beard papa's outpost tmw and will be replacing it with a japanese pastry section. like daifuku! i LOVE daifuku!!! these are the delicate morsels that are wonderfully balanced with red bean and other really good stuff. ;-) according to midtown lunch's source, it will be similar to the offerings at minamoto kitchen, but "most likely" cheaper and you get to see them make the stuff! i love beard papa's, but i love daifuku and the likes even more. can't wait.


            1. re: Linda

              Haven't been to Zaiya in a while. Have they ditched the bakery counter run by an Asian-owned operation called Parisienne? Parisienne has, or had, shops in Bergen County and Westchester. Last year their strawberry cake was raveworthy ...

              1. re: squid kun

                Sorry, I need to re-re-edit my post.

                I stopped by Cafe Zaiya this past Friday evening, 12/14/07. The Beard Papa station was there, the same as always. The post on midtownlunch about the special pastry section was a temporary outpost, as there was no mochi or anything to be found. I was craving daifuku, which Cafe Zaiya does not carry. Two doors down, Chiyoda Sushi had a few daifuku in their refridgerated section that satiated my craving.

            2. re: oc200

              aware of the upstart cream puff ladies? they are right near the corner of main and roosevelt, just next to the benetton outlet I believe; and, pretty damn good, although, a much lighter and different creature. delicious though, esp. at $1 per.


              1. re: bigjeff

                thanks for the tip. it looks like it's a chinese operation? i'm curious to check it out and see if it's as good as the japanese counterparts (beard papa, choux factory).

                squid, i believe that the cakes i had mentioned is over on the counter run by parisienne. directly opposite from that counter was the beard papa counter, which i'm assuming is what is being changed to the japanese pastry section.

                anyway, i noticed parisienne branded bread at the korean bakeries in flushing/bayside. i believe there's also a parisienne counter at mitsuwa supermarket.

                1. re: Linda

                  ya it is not as heavy as the beard papa, and instead of a pudding filling, it tasted (and felt) more like a heavily whipped cream; the pastry itself is amazing; light yet still with substantial crunch and unlike the beard papas, I could probably eat 3 of them at a time.

                  1. re: Linda

                    "...anyway, i noticed parisienne branded bread at the korean bakeries in flushing/bayside. i believe there's also a parisienne counter at mitsuwa supermarket...."

                    Are you thinking of Mitsuwa before, or after the renovation (when Santoka Ramen came into the mall?). I know that since the renovation the bakery there is St. Honore, which has/had the $6 Bolognia bread (a loaf of soft moist bread that tastes like a giant croissant) that I can never get any more. Always sold out. I've not seen Parisienne bakery in the mall.

                    As for Flushing, I can't say for sure any more since I've not been there much in the last year. Not all Chinese bakeries are the same, though. For example, on Roosevelt between Main and Prince street, there were 3 bakeries on the same side of the street, one is more Taiwanese, another more Hong Kong, and the one closer to Prince, Vanilla Cafe, being the newest on the block used to have real espresso (which is rare in older Chinese bakeries), and once upon a time, very delicious pineapple rolled cakes topped with whole walnuts.

                    I have heard and tasted the cake from Yeh's as mentioned by Bigjeff. I think their green tea cake is supposed to be the best around, as well as the strawberry cream cake. What I had from there was alright, though in general I prefer the heavier, richer type of cake, and so Yeh's tasted still just like those light, fluffy sponge cake to me.

          2. this may be helpful, if not for recommendations, at least for locations (


            but for specific recs, my mom says her fave for bday cakes is from Yeh's (or Hong Yie) which is at:

            57-25 Main Street (on Main Street, one block south of Booth Memorial Avenue, on the east side of the block)

            and like in this post:

            my mom concurs about the strawberry cream cake.

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            1. re: bigjeff

              Couple updates since that Digest item ran:

              May May has gone out of business, unfortunately. And Fay Da has closed its Roosevelt shop in Flushing and opened a new one in Forest Hills.

              Fay Da Bakery
              107-50 Queens Blvd, Queens, NY 11375

              1. re: squid kun

                I spotted a new Fay Da on 39th Ave in Flushing -- right off Main St., down the block from where the buses stop, Jade Palace, and a buddhist temple. And I think there's a small branch inside the shopping center that houses Hong Kong Supermarket...

            2. Hi,

              If you're looking for a delicious asian bakery, Try YEH'S BAKERY in Flushing. The address is 57-25 Main Street Flushing. (718) 939-1688. You won't be disappointed. I've been going there for years.