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Nov 28, 2007 09:45 PM

Marseille or Nice Matin?

For dinner, wine is a (but not the most important) consideration.


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  1. Marseille gets my vote.

    1. How about whichever is nearest? Don't expect amazing authentic southern French food at either. Nice Matin is pleasant, but I'd only use it if I had a reason to go to the UWS.

      1. Tough call. Marseille can be a bit of a zoo pre-theater. Some tables are uncomfortably small, it can be quite noisy, and service is often haphazard. Nice Matin can also get very noisy, service is somewhat better (at least in my experience), and I think you get a better bang for your buck. Both restaurants have lots of wines by the glass; I don't recall either wine list specifically, but they're probably about equal.

        1. Marseille. I thought Nice Matin was mediocre.

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            Have you considered West Bank Cafe?

          2. We haven't been to Nice Matin, but we've always had very good meals -- and good service -- at Marseille. It has very attractive decor and a bustling vibe that manages to avoid being insanely noisy.