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Nov 28, 2007 08:09 PM

Singapore: Clarke Quay Area

I'm going to Singapore for the first time over Christmas. I've heard great things about the food there. I will be staying in the Clarke Quay area. I hear great things about hawker stations and want to try at least one of them.

I need the following recs:
1) One place for lunch
2) One place for dinner
3) Prefer places that are near Clarke Quay, especailly for dinner
4) Not that into spicy food
5) Will be in Hong Kong prior to Singapore, so no need for Cantonese food, although I love Chinese food
6) No fancy upscale place. I'm more into the cuisine and culture and not looking for any Michelin star restaurants.
7) Looking for Asian food (preferably Singapore specialities).

Where would you go?

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  1. I would recommend a seafood dinner. There are a few seafood restaurants lining both banks of the S'pore River, but a reputable one is Jumbo Seafood Restaurant. Try the crabs - Singapore is famous for its chilli and black/white pepper crabs but the butter crabs are yummy too. Be sure to order fried "man tou" (Chinese white buns) to dip into the sauce. For carbs, try the stirfried noodles called "mee goreng" (this could be slightly spicy though) and an appetizer of fried Chinese donut stuffed with squid paste.

    For lunch, a good place to try everything is Straits Kitchen, located at Grand Hyatt. It is a buffet focused on local cuisine served in a more enjoyable and comfortable ambience. But this place is not near Clarke Quay.

    Otherwise, just go to a food centre. Closest one to Clarke Quay is Hong Lim Food Centre. There are a few "famous" stalls there - curry noodles on level 1, char kway teow on level 2, etc.

    I wish you have more time in S'pore. There is so much good food, not just Spore food. Enjoy!!