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Nov 28, 2007 07:29 PM

Dinner in Brisbane [Moved from International board]

Am in town for a couple of weeks and looking for ideas of dinner spots in the City. Any cuisine will do and would like a mix of upscale and just general "good eats". Throw out some names for me and I'll check them out.

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  1. check out:
    the gourmet traveller website, the brisbane news good food guide, courier mail websites.
    Concentration of established good dining along the eagle street pier vicinity, in New Farm(short 'citycat'/ferry ride..which is nice),paddington&milton (bus ride) and lots of ethnic in Fortitude Valley(easy walk and has character).
    Havent been to many for a long while as newly back in town, so am reluctant to recommend any specifics however I am off to E'cco tonight.
    Will post afterwards. Sorry for the vagueness, but at least I replied!

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      On Eagle Street Pier tried Cha Cha Char ( ) and found it quite tasty, very pleasant service, and not too unreasonable prices (mains around AU$40). It's a steak house, so mostly they have steak (surprise) but also a few other dishes. The caesar salad was way over-dressed, but the spinach & potatoes served w the steak were quite fab.

      On the other hand, tonight tried Pier 9 "for a treat" and was totally disappointed.
      :( Server seemed sadly ignorant about menu & wine ("what's the difference between the 3 Chardonnays?" "well this one is more popular" (pointing to the most expensive...)), and incapable of describing the dishes. The food was "ho-hum" to "blah" - put it this way: fish & chips was bit soggy, but rated as best dish we ordered. Sigh. That said, a year ago I ate here and had a nice meal. Maybe the trick is to order the special??

      So far in Brisbane best meal has been Vietnamese Noodle House - small "hole in the wall" on Charlotte near Albert. Nothing fancy, but tasted great!