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Nov 28, 2007 07:12 PM

Grandkids in NYC

Any suggestions as to where I can take my grandkids (ages 6 & 8) for a good and fun meal in Manhattan? Thanks.

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  1. wut cuisines do they like and whats your price range?

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    1. re: skooldya1

      Moderate price range and usual kid food - pasta, burgers, chicken.

      1. re: Mimi642

        My kids love Shun Lee West-The dism sum is great and they also order Chinese as well-we love it too! For the traditonal kids food Isablla's is good on the UWS and near the Natural History Museum.

        1. re: samiam123

          Ummm are you and I thinking of the same Isabella's on the UWS? Because the one I went to near the Museum of Natural History over the summer was friendly with a children's menu and very good but it was certainly an upscale place that I'd hardly consider a fun place for a 6 and 8 year old. Also it really wasn't cheap at all.

    2. Something fun and good: Ellen's Stardust Diner. As with every other restaurant in NYC there will be at least half a dozen people telling you how terrible it is but that's usually cause they're just too uptight. Some may insist that it's a tourist trap but it's not the tourists that keep that place full at 1am on a thursday night, trust me. As the name suggests it is simple diner food but very very good and the milkshakes are in my opinion the best in Manhattan. The prices aren't bad at all and the service is plenty good. On top of that all of the waiters/waitresses are currently out of work/auditioning Broadway actors/actresses, so as they're serving and carrying trays filled with food and beverages, they're also singing and extremely well for that matter, they're all very friendly and have plenty of character to them. Lots of fun, lots of good entertainment, and lots of good food.

      1. When my grandkids were about that age I took them to Dinosaur BBQ and they loved it so much they ask to go back every time they visit. They also love John's pizza and Keen's Chop House--but I'm guessing neither of those is what you have in mind.

        1. I am one of those who disagrees about the food at Ellen's and believe me, I am far from uptight.  I eat at all kinds of places, in Manhattan, in the outer boroughs and on Long Island.  I understand that the concept of Ellen's is pretty much retro diner food.   And for the money, I don't expect miracles. I'm not even surprised or upset that most of the appetizers are probably poured from a bulk purchase at a big-box store. But I do expect food that is supposed to be hot to come out hot and the flavor of fried food to be totally obscured by the oil that it was "cooked" in.