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Nov 28, 2007 07:09 PM

No.9 Park - 28 day in advance?

My sister and I are big foodies. She is visiting from nyc and i wanted to take her to some good food. I tried calling KO Prime & Mooo but they were booked (except for the 5:30pm that no one ever wants). I've heard way too many good things about No.9 Park so I called and they're booked for the entire day (sat). I asked them how early in advancce I should call and they said 28 days??!?!?! Im still kinda shocked that there are places in boston that we need to call a month in advance?

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  1. You can still eat in the cafe at No 9 as they don't take reservations for that area. While it can be somewhat difficult to get seats at the bar, the cafe tables are usually easier to get. I've really never had a problem there.

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      That sounds promising. Can you really get a cafe table without much of a wait at prime time, like Saturday at 8pm? About how many tables are there in the cafe?

      1. re: pollystyrene

        There are actually many cafe tables. I would say at least six to eight depending on how many people are at a table. There's a fairly big table right in the window, there are 3 or so tables in the middle of the room and then a booth along the wall that has tables as well that could seat probably at least 4 parties of 2. I find the hosts/hostesses there extremely helpful in getting tables in that area and of course it depends on the day, but I have never not gotten somewhere to sit. Lots of people are there waiting for tables in the main dining room so there is some turnover.

        1. re: lissy

          I was in last night and starting this week the cafe has changed. The big table by the window is now an area to have drinks with only two small tables for cocktails. The booth/long bench along the wall is now gone as well. They now have more tables but it is a bit more crowded. Also gone are all granite tables and they have been replaced by tables with tablecloths. Another change is that they are now offering a three course menu in the cafe for $45 per person. It is mostly the same items as the old cafe menu and you can still order all the items ala carte. Last night they told me that this was the first step towards the eventual change over to a all cafe/bistro type restaurant once Barbara's other locations open up in the Fort Point Channel area.

          It will be crowded on a Saturday at was crowded (SRO) last night for most of the evening; however, the hosts will help you to get a table or bar seat as they become available.

          1. re: JWR

            That is very interesting. Did you like it better this way or the old way?

            1. re: JWR

              Do you know if they are maintaining the policy that allows people to order from the full menu once seated at the bar? Last I knew, only the café menu was available at the café tables. For me, that’s been one good reason to wait a little longer for a bar seat. The three course café menu sounds interesting, though.

              I agree about the hosts being very helpful getting us seated where we want to be. Still, it’s not a bad idea to get there early enough and in the right mood so you don’t mind the wait. I’ve always been able to get a good bar seat with just a little patience.

              1. re: Boatrocker

                Yes, you can still order from the dining room menu when seated at the bar (but still not at a cafe table).

                I'm not sure how I felt about the setup. I thought the cafe/bar area was a little crowded and when it was busy it was a little bit of a squeeze to get through. That said I think that the area where the large talbe was in the front window will help when waiting for a table. It gave it more of a feel of being a little lounge area where mutlitple parties could sit while waiting for a table or bar stool. I'm sure that they will make adjustments as they see how things work out.

                I will say that I thought the food was everybit as good as ever and the service just as great. It was nice to see Ryan, Ben and John (working as a host/manager) all in one night.

                1. re: JWR

                  Well, that's good to know. a little change is not a bad thng, as long as both food and service remain at the level that drew a good following in the first place.

      2. Ah-ha...See, you should shuck the bonds of foodyism, hop the red line to the other side of the river and enjoy any number of great restaurants, rather than these over-hyped brontosaurases. ;-b

        1. Well, we ate there last night. No reservation, walked in at 9:30, had a drink in the bar, and were seated by 9:45. Seven courses later, we were quite happy. Full report coming! oh that duck! that duck!

          1. go to clio. in my eyes it's superior to No. 9. Also Campania in Waltham is on par with the places you mentioned.