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Great Tea Bags

I'm looking for very good black tea bags (no flavors, not loose leaf) that are easy to find or can be mail ordered for a tea sippin' friend of mine. Any suggestions?

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  1. Try the Mighty Leaf brand and TeaForte. They have nice-looking bags.

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      anything British. We know how to make proper tea (strong with taste). I can get British teabags like PG Tips in the British section of Publix but I guess it depends where you live.

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        "Mighty Leaf" and also "Two Leaves and a Bud" are two very good brands of tea; both have black tea bags, and both can be found at Cost Plus/World Market.

      2. there are literally dozens of online tea shops, try tao of tea, teavana, ten ren, harney & sons or good ol twinings.

        1. I'm not sure if you're looking for fancy bags or fancy tea. As far as my tea-drinking preferences go, I am a PG Tips (Lyon's in Ireland) fan. Barry's is also terrific if your friend enjoys a very strong Irish breakfast tea.

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            fancy tea in bags would be the preference. She was a fan of Assam black tea at Trader Joe's which was discontinued, if that helps. She doesn't care for Twinnings.

          2. I don't often buy bagged teas, but Twinning's seem to be the best.

            1. Lupicia - they sell on line at http://www.lupiciausa.com

              The loose teas are better but they do have lots of bags as well.

              1. This is, I'd say, an impossible question to answer because tastes in tea are very individual. I'm with Smartie; I go for PG Tips - good strong tea with a bold flavor. There are hundreds of tea varieties and even with the same tea there are multiple ways to prepare it.... Weak, strong, milk, sugar, both, etc.

                A little bit of tea trivia... Did you know the PG in PG Tips stands for Pre-Gestive? It was intended to be taken before a meal sort of like an aperitif. I get mine at Cost Plus $7 for a box of 80 bags.

                1. ok, if twinings is not an option...why not try amazon.com...search under assam teabags. i tried it and got lots of possibilities, british and otherwise. i was very surprised at the number of selections listed.

                  1. PG tips, Barry's, or Typhoo or Republic of Tea

                    Twinings has a very weak taste ( I have to use two bags and it still isn't good). My former assistant was Scottish and she got me hooked on proper tasting tea. Now if I taste Liptons or similar type it tastes like dirty water.

                    Cost Plus World Market carries all 4.

                    I have enjoyed the trader joe's irish breakfast tea too.

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                      PG Tips is the choice of the Brits in our company

                    2. Sounds like PG Tips is the consensus favorite. I will give it a try. Thanks to all who responded.

                      1. I'm a black tea enthusiast. I've tried many brands and my ultimate favorite (not loose variety) is Mighty Leaf. Whole Foods carries this brand but I've had a hard time finding their basic black which is called Organic Breakfast. Order directly from Mighty Leaf online.

                        Barry's Gold Label (Irish Product) is also very good and available in most major supermarkets. I find Barry's much smoother than PG Tips.

                        1. Specialteas (an excellent on-line vendor) offers exactly what you're looking for. And right now, they're offering free shipping.


                          1. American Classic Tea- the ONLY tea grown in America (Charleston, SC)

                            1. See if Mighty Leaf has a black tea...they make great tea, and their bags are very pretty and well-made.

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                              1. Tea Forte has some reaaaally nice looking bags. I think they tend to be expensive though?