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Nov 28, 2007 06:27 PM

Restaurant Near Renaissance Hotel

I'm coming to Chicago and will be staying at the Renaissance Hotel on West Wacker Drive. It's located on the north edge of the Loop. I'm looking for a restaurant for a group of friends, in walking distance, with great food and entrees around $15-20. Any type of food is fine. Do any of you Chicago folks have suggestions? I really appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks.

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  1. $15-20 is towards the low end for restaurants in the downtown area, and rules out a lot of places. Two in that price range that come to mind are about half a mile away, to the north and east: Coco Pazzo Cafe, for Italian food - - and Sayat Nova, for Armenian food - If you can take a cab (or a long walk - it's a little over a mile), Greek places in Greek Town are in that range; see for recommendations.

    If I had to stay in that price range and close to the Renaissance, I would get Chicago-style deep-dish pizza. Bacino's has double-crust "stuffed" pizza a block or so over on Wacker, and the original Uno's and Due for single-crust "pan" pizza are a few blocks away on the other side of the river.

    1. Within walking distance of the Renaissance:

      - Mambo Grill - good food, great drinks, fun atmosphere and most entrees are within your price range.
      - Vong's Thai Kitchen - upscale, not particularly authentic Thai food. Still the food is good and they are good at accommodating groups if you have a reservation.
      - Bin 36 - good offerings of wines by the glass and flights, the food is only OK. I'm not a huge fan, but it is good place to get drinks with a group of friends and it is just.across the river from your hotel.

      There are a bunch of places that are more expensive than you were looking for right there also:
      - Catch 35 - in your hotel. Very good seafood restaurant.
      - McCormick and Schmick - I know it's a chain, but I like it better than Catch 35 and I think its a smidge cheaper. They also have an amazing happy hour menu until 6:30 on M-Th (not sure about Fri). $2 Mahi Mahi cakes - yum.
      - Coco Pazzo - the sister restaurant to the cafe recommended by nxstasy. Really good Italian. This is a little further away - a long walk or a short cab ride.