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Restaurant Near Renaissance Hotel

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I'm coming to Chicago and will be staying at the Renaissance Hotel on West Wacker Drive. It's located on the north edge of the Loop. I'm looking for a restaurant for a group of friends, in walking distance, with great food and entrees around $15-20. Any type of food is fine. Do any of you Chicago folks have suggestions? I really appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks.

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  1. $15-20 is towards the low end for restaurants in the downtown area, and rules out a lot of places. Two in that price range that come to mind are about half a mile away, to the north and east: Coco Pazzo Cafe, for Italian food - www.cocopazzocafe.com - and Sayat Nova, for Armenian food - www.sayatnovachicago.com If you can take a cab (or a long walk - it's a little over a mile), Greek places in Greek Town are in that range; see www.chowhound.com/topics/119233 for recommendations.

    If I had to stay in that price range and close to the Renaissance, I would get Chicago-style deep-dish pizza. Bacino's has double-crust "stuffed" pizza a block or so over on Wacker, and the original Uno's and Due for single-crust "pan" pizza are a few blocks away on the other side of the river.

    1. Within walking distance of the Renaissance:

      - Mambo Grill - good food, great drinks, fun atmosphere and most entrees are within your price range.
      - Vong's Thai Kitchen - upscale, not particularly authentic Thai food. Still the food is good and they are good at accommodating groups if you have a reservation.
      - Bin 36 - good offerings of wines by the glass and flights, the food is only OK. I'm not a huge fan, but it is good place to get drinks with a group of friends and it is just.across the river from your hotel.

      There are a bunch of places that are more expensive than you were looking for right there also:
      - Catch 35 - in your hotel. Very good seafood restaurant.
      - McCormick and Schmick - I know it's a chain, but I like it better than Catch 35 and I think its a smidge cheaper. They also have an amazing happy hour menu until 6:30 on M-Th (not sure about Fri). $2 Mahi Mahi cakes - yum.
      - Coco Pazzo - the sister restaurant to the cafe recommended by nxstasy. Really good Italian. This is a little further away - a long walk or a short cab ride.