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Nov 28, 2007 05:54 PM

Tony A's ?

Can anyone recommend something better than Tony A's in the Blue Bell area?

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  1. Tony A's is pathetically bad. Why don't you try Palermo's right across the street. It's much, much better. If you want an awesome cheese steak, go to Pudge's on 202.

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    1. re: Tedshell

      Tony A's is pretty bad, but I wouldn't say that Palermo's is much better. Blue Bell is definitely weak when it comes to quality pizza. Your best bet for good pizza is probably in Norristown at Via Veneto on Markley.

      Pudge's is very good, but I'd personally rather drive east on 73 to Phil's if I have a cheesesteak craving.

      1. re: mitchh

        Or Ray's on Valley Forge Rd., very good cheesesteaks.

      2. re: Tedshell

        Palermo's is too greasy...

        And no way is Phil's better than Pudges.....

        1. re: Mag454


          I'm sorry, I didn't realize that an opinion could be wrong.

          Pudge's quality IMO has gotten worse over the past couple of years.

          1. re: mitchh

            I learned never to order a Pudge's "to-go" ESPECIALLY if there is sauce involved. The roll will be so soaked by the time it is opened as to be inedible except with a knife and fork.

            1. re: phillyjazz


              Honestly I've never had that problem at Pudge's, although I never order anything with sauce.

      3. I live close to both of these (Tony A's and Palermo's) and agree that they both serve mediocre pizza. Its a shame as the slices in Tony A's display case tend to look pretty good. Has anyone tried the pizza at Dolce Luna (on 202 south of 73) in the shopping center with Pho Thai Nam?

        1. is that the same tony a's that has locations in conshy and roxborough? what's wrong with their pizza? they used to be the best around, that delivered to me when i lived in conshy.

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            1. re: chefsklls

              Just as an FYI, Tony A's in Blue Bell is no longer. I was driving in that shopping center today and a new sign was being put up. While I couldn't see exactly what it said, it definitely wasn't a new Tony A's sign.

              Hopefully this place will be better, although it probably couldn't be worse.

          1. Tony A's (conshy) is not bad pizza. But then, vs 'what the heck else', I guess that makes it good. Their 'conshohocken' pizza is pretty tasty (eggplant, greens, sauce, garlic..)

            Pudge's..nice if you want a heaping hoagie of flavorless meats on a 'eh roll. Steaks get soggy fast...

            1. I agree, I live near the Montgomeryville Mall and just make my own pizza and cheesteaks at home. I have tried everywhere possible and I am always dissapointed. I gave up and I agree though that Tony's A's is really bad. I used to like the Flourtown pizza shop and Maple Glen pizza shop. I recently tried a place near the Shop and Bag in Dreshertown and their steaks were surprisingly good.

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              1. re: LowerGwyneddGirl

                Mama's Pizzeria in Bala Cynwyd (Belmont Ave.) makes a good cheesesteak and has kept the same formula for decades. Lots of meat and lots of cheese (I think they use the pizza cheese). Good rolls, but a bit softer than I like. The taste is distinctive and has remained consistent throughout the years. The same family has run the place for decades.

                1. re: nevets

                  One thing I miss about living in the Horsham area is Steak and Hoagie Factory. Their freshly baked rolls are extremely good for cheesesteaks.