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Nov 28, 2007 04:13 PM

Great bistro in N Dallas Area?

I am a Vermonter who would like to get a gift certificate for my aunt and uncle who live in Allen. They do not treat themselves to a nice dinner out too often and I thought it would be a great Christmas gift. I have never been to Dallas and am out of my element. I was hoping a Dallas-area hound could give me a suggestion.

I am thinking something that would be about $75 for two. Not a flashy place... just a tucked away gem with great service and a creative menu. I read many posts and was really intrigued by Bistro Nous. Unfortunately, the woman I talked to said they do not do gift certificates. Bummer.


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  1. Create your own gift certificate to Bistro Nous using such easily found household materials as a check book and pen.

    An alternative is Lavendou

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    1. re: Worzel Gummidge

      No... I don't want to give cash. But thanks for the Lavendou rec...

      1. re: greenmtnjenny

        I would also recommend Maguire's. Cherif Brahmi is the restaurant's French executive chef, and his culinary roots permeate the menu. It's an attractive, comfy spot with a good wine list and good service. It's reasonably priced and fairly local to where your Aunt and Uncle live.

        Oh, and they definitely offer gift certificates (I have given them as gifts before)
        Good luck, and Merry Christmas.

        1. re: guttural

          I disagree on Maguire's. The food isn't consistent and the service is awful. The first time I went the server had the audacity to talk down to me. The second time 6 of us went to for brunch and we had no idea who was waiting on us and the order to about an hour to get to our table, and there were only 3 other occupied tables. I say Lavendou. They are French country though, not a bistro. The atmosphere is very nice and the food tasty.

          1. re: hhshames

            I second a recommendation for Maguire's. I've eaten there many times and found it to be really consistent and good. The food has always been good, and I've only had one bad service experience (but it wasn't enough to keep me away).

            Another reason I would recommend it is because you mentioned that your Aunt and Uncle don't treat themselves often, so I assume they aren't used to "nice" restaurant meals. Maguire's is a nice place, but by no means stuffy and I think that the menu will be un-intimidating for a non-adventurous couple--they kind of specialize in upscale comfort food (think meatloaf, steaks, pork chops, pasta, etc) but all executed very well.

            Lavendou is however, another excellent choice. I think Maguire's may be a little less "intimidating," though the only reason I think Lavendou may be considered intimidating is because it is French.

            Good luck.

    2. Greenmtnjenny,

      My name is Chasity Thompson with Bistro Nous and I wanted to let you know that we do have gift certificates available. If you would like to order one please call the restaurant at 972-931-7800 and speak with Chasity Thompson or Chris Brignole and we will assist you with anything you need!!

      Have a wonderful Day!!!!!

      1. Actually, they will start selling gift certs soon. I ate there last week with some business partners and after that meal I had to ask into gift certs. They didn't sell them then, but said that they were currently being developed and would be printed soon. Check back with them soon Greenmtnjenny. The food was superb, and they had a hard to find bottle of wine that made the meal perfect. Also, at their prices $75 would be a nice meal.

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        1. re: wgrafton

          Thank you everyone for the posts! It looks like I should have checked in earlier. I decided to go with a hand-picked assortment of Vermont food items for their gift... but will certainly check out the recommendations if we visit the area!