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Nov 28, 2007 04:03 PM

out-of-towner Full Kee offal report

I had asked this board for recommendations of offal places near Union Station for an overnight visit from NY. My own research had suggested Full Kee might a great option. It was! On arrival and after checking into my hotel (George, whose Bistro Bis did have a sweetbreads salad on its menu but which I didn't get a chance to sample), I went over to Full Kee and loved it. Even the decor -- which DC Chowhounds had presented as minimal -- didn't seem as dumpy barren as I thought it would be. I ordered beef tripe and pig intestine (and shrimp dumpling soup because everyone on the board seemed to think that was a great speciality of the place). Both offal dishes were terrific and bountiful. The only problem was that I couldn't do the work I had brought with me because all the wait-staff kept coming out to make sure I really wanted offal and then to make sure I liked it!! The dumpling soup was great too but not necessary with all the other stuff I had.

The next day I was in a rush and went there for a quick take-out of pig tripe which was good but not as good as the others. The pig intestine was my favorite.

A great place. Too bad they don't take credit cards.

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  1. Glad you liked it. How were your tripe and intestines prepared?

    FYI, below is a link about an offal lunch held at Full Kee a few years back. One of the photo links still works!!!

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      Everything was in brown sauces, some more soy tasting than others. The intestines were indicated on the menu as having been marinated and they did have a slightly more striking (in a good sense) taste than the beef trip or pork tripe. I suppose I could have ordered rice for any of these but they were all so good as is and all so bountiful that I was quite happy. I should note that I had seen that report on the chowhound offal banquet and that captures a lot of the spirit of Full Kee. But the duck tongue was nowhere to be seen on my menu or specials card and I think they may have eliminated it.