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New in White Plains

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Has anyone tried the new restaurant Antipasti in WP? It took over Papparazi's site on Broadway.

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  1. I went last night. They had a soft opening bar menu that was a little hard on the wallet. But the best pizza anywhere near White Plains (that I've found).

    First, the layout: It surprised me that the place devotes a relatively small amount of its vast space to the bar/lounge area. For a place called "Antipasti, Wine and Antipasto Bar" I would expect more of a lounge feel, and a friendlier price point. Cheapest bottle of red wine: $45 (There was a $35 bottle, but after 10 minutes of searching, the waitress informed us they were out.) There were only a handful of wines by the glass, and there was one Malbec for $8, maybe two for $10, and the rest $12 and up. The waitress informed us that the wine list will soon be expanding considerably.

    It was pretty empty at 7:00 p.m., but started to fill up after 8. It seemed as though most of the patrons were friends of the owner/managers.

    They were out of the buffalo mozzarella from Campania. Their "house cured" sopprasetta was sliced very thin and spicy, so I couldn't get a handle on the pork favor or its texture.

    We had the margharita "pizzette," which is essentially a long, thin pizza for one. At $14, it too is pricey, especially for snacking in the bar. But whoa, you haven't had pizza like this in these parts lately. Fresh mozzarella, the tastiest San Marzano tomatoes, but the highlight was the crust. Crispy, just a hint of cheweyness in the crust- words can't do it justice. We had one, and then another one. If the chef cooks everything like this, then look out. The dinner menu looks interesting, I'd like to try their pasta with duck ragu.

    Verdict: Maybe when they have their "hard opening" menu, they will have more reasonable options for their bar/lounge. They advertise themselves as a "wine and antipasto bar" but feature high-end restaurant prices. I get the same vibe from this place that I got from Peniche- they are setting themselves up for the opening of Ritz Carlton and their (they hope) free-spending residents/guests. I'm just hopeful that White Plains will attract some innovative new restaurateurs who will cater to repeat customers who love food but can't necessarily afford to drop over $100 for a light weekday meal. In the meantime- I'm hoping they offer their pizza on a take-out menu!

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      Thanks for the detailed answer, wizza. I know my DH will want to go and try that pizza. it sounds wonderful. I hope that those of us who have been WP residents since way before it was the boom town it is now, will not be priced out of dining in our own backyard.

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        Well, we tried to go to Antipasti today...My friend called during the week and made a reservation for six people for lunch for today (Sat. 12/1). the reservation was taken with no problem. She called this morning to ask about the parking and the person on the phone asked, "Today? We're not open for lunch today!"
        They Definitely do not have their act together yet!

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          Antipasti definitely needs to get their act together, it was like a circus when we arrived at the hostess station. We had to wait for valet for 15 mins. As we walked in two hostesses nicely greeted our group but we were asked to walk in the back to hang our coats!!!!! Neither hostess was accomodating!!! At that point we went back into the bar area and waited 1/2 hour for someone to approach us to be seated. Once seated, our waiter immediately took over and our service was indeed wonderful. It was hectic inside the dining room.I noticed management at all corners of the dining room all night standing staring, talking, running around in and out of the kitchen, chomping on food as they passed the pizza station. It was quite hysterical!!!

    2. The antipasta bar was indeed good, and the bar welcoming-it's a classy place, but I felt as though I would have to take out a second mortgage to go back for a full meal. All of the emplyees we dealt with could have used a people skills class. They were out of quite a bit when we went as well.

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        a lot of problems here, back and front of the house are not working well together so far...hope they come out of it.

      2. We went earlier this week with friends. The ambience is nice, the restaurant is large, well laid out and decently decorated.

        We shared the pizza to start with, which was pretty good. The entrees were great. I got the lamb chops, my wife got the gorgonzola crusted filet mignon. For desert, we tried the Gianduja cake and some kind of pistachio cake, both of which were fantastic, but their desert portions are selfishly small given the price points ($12 plus).

        Unfortunately, the service at this restaurant is really disgraceful. Our server was clinically unemotional. When we were presented our bill, it had an error. We tried explaining the issue to our server but she insisted there was none. In the end, the Manager was summoned. After much reluctance, he agreed that there was a problem and went back to fix the bill personally. He sent the bill back to our table. This time it had another issue, which we were convinced, was deliberate. It took another several minutes for them to finally resolve the issue and present us an accurate bill. And, through all this, no apologies from the staff. Instead, we got the cold shoulder for the rest of our meal.

        I wouldn’t go back to this restaurant. The food is good, but not worth the prices (entrees average $40 and deserts average $12). The service is the worst I have ever experienced in a restaurant of this kind.

        1. Went for lunch there with a friend on Wednesday, March 19th, 2008. The first turn off is that there is no valet parking at lunch, so we had to park our cars in a dark municipal lot and walk in the pouring rain. Lunch was nothing special at all...I make a better caesar salad at home and the vegetable assortment we ordered from the antipasti menu all tasted the same...very bland dry breading on the cauliflower and zucchini, The eggplant rollatini was also blase as were the stuffed mushrooms...felt like eating in an overpriced diner, although the food at City Limits is far better! Don't waste the gas to get there....too many good restaurants in Westchester, especially good Italian ones!!