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Slow again

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It is no longer worth the wait to get site and then wait very lengthy spaces to go from one post to next!! Happening for past 4 or 5 days.

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  1. Same here! I T ' S S O O O S L O W! All the ads and videos have to load on the right hand side of the page before I can go to any other board.

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    1. re: mnosyne

      Has gotten Soooo bad, I changed home page from Chowhound to another as just getting on and then waiting forever was not worth it and seemed to mess up anything else on computer!! Better now, but unbearably slow!! At least it does not mess up other web sites!!

    2. Ditto.

      I know that there was a response from Chow that not a lot of people are reporting this. However, it is slow to the point that it can't be reported.

      It only happens with pages with a video on it.

      Someone new would really have a difficult time even searching around to find where to report it or find the email to report the problem.

      Since it is possible to program different pages to have different sidebars (Home Cooking for example), would it be possible to remove the vido from the Technical Help page? I can't even get to it easily to see if there is a post like this one to see if other people are having a problem.

      And I miss Chowhound. I have to select maybe about a dozen topics a day to read because that is all that can be loaded. I haven't used hot posts in months because the work around to losing the list was to open pages in separate windows. When I open more than three pages at once, my computer freezes and I have to shut down ... a ctrl-alt-del shutdown.

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      1. re: rworange

        People generally send email to moderators@chowhound.com when they're having problems that they can't access the boards. We've really only had a few reports on the boards -- most people seem to be able to load the pages, even with the video on the side, just fine. We can't tell what the difference is between the few people with major problems and the ones with no problems.

        1. re: Jacquilynne

          Jacquilynne feel free to email me off line. The point is that to find out how to email the site administrators, there is a certain amount of searching a board that needs to happen, especially if you are new or use it infrequently.

          My estimate is that this would take 1-2 hours for someone who was running slow and wanted to take the trouble to find out who to email.

          I know the site very well and I had to make a choice between reading a few posts I was interested in and checking to see if anyone else was having these problems. I chose the former until today. I recently took thiis particular pc in for a check up. Nothing is wrong with my settings. Nothing is wrong with the pc. Chowhound is the only site I'm having these problems with and only with pages with videos on them.

          There's also a problem I came across that probably wouldn't be a good idea to discuss publically. .

        2. re: rworange

          Not running the same configuration you have, but a few months ago the freezing problem I had was because I had an old version of javascript.

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            Thanks Melanie, but that's not it. This computer crashed and I had to start from ground zero to restore it after it was fixed so I'm up to date on my software.

            It comes and goes. It slowed down again when the original poster did this post. About 2-3 days ago, for one blissful day ... with no changes on my part, the site was relatively zipping along. Then about 2 days ago it is the worst it has ever been.

            Lot's of "Done, but with errors on page" ... this page has one.

            Itstead of the video loading, there's just a white blank box.

            What is particularily bad is the crashes. I figure, fine ... I go to my "MY Chow"page and open all the new responses in separate tabs and then I go off to make dinner or work for a while.

            I come back to a half hour to an hour later and click on one of the tabs and my browser crashes. I've lost all the new tags and information.

            Again, it is only the pages with videos on them. From day one that the videos appeared on the boards it caused a problem. I guess the benefit of all this is I've done a lot of updates to Places since there are no videos there.

        3. I have a very fast internet connection so the site generally runs OK. But I do notice the status bar showing "Transferring data from feeds.theplatform.com" for quite a while even with this fast connection. That message is the last one of many on the status bar. That's using Firefox2. With IE6, the status line messages disappear much sooner.

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          1. re: Mick Ruthven

            I'm in the same boat, Mick - with FireFox the pages never seem to completely load and the status bar shows the "Transferring data ... " message.

            However, I am having days / times when the site runs REALLY slowly - pages take a while to load and while doing so the machine won't do anything else (can't switch windows or applications) and I've managed to crash a few times, too (not just the browser, but the system and I have to reboot).

            I'm just not using the site very often and when I do I'm very selective about which posts I attempt to view.

          2. I'm also getting response times ranging from annoyingly to excruciatingly slow. There is also a sprinkling of "Oops, there seems to be a problem with one of our servers," from time to time. I'd say as slow as molasses, but I can get 20 pictures of molasses lickety split by clicking on this link: http://images.google.com/images?q=mol...

            It does not improve (much) if I turn off flash or javascript. The longest portion of time seems to be spent waiting on or transferring data from www.chow.com, with www.chowhound.com a distant second, and a little time on various names like mavenapps.net, google-analytics.com, and some other CNET-related domains.

            I'd suggest that those of us who complain are just the tip of the iceberg. Chowhounds are used to stoically putting up with all sorts of obstacles to find delicious chow.

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            1. re: Knoblauch

              I'd suggest that those of us who complain are just the tip of the iceberg.

              Thanks knoblauch, that is my point exactly.

              I exaggerate when I say that I have this problem nowhere else. There are occasionally sites I find when googling that hang liked this. I close the tab and look as some other site.

              I don't contact the site administartor. Why should I? I have no clue what is on that site.

              One site that is painfully slow for me is the Food Network. When I google and see info from that site, I no longer bother clicking on the link. It would never occur to me as a casual reader to contact someone and tell them I'm having trouble accessing their site.

              Currently doing a search through Google when I see Chowhound / Chow, I rarely click on the link anymore. For all I know all that is in that post is something like a one line statement ... unfortuantely I'm losing the wealth of info of many posts.

              If I were new to the site, and I wanted to comment I'd have to
              - sign up say 15 minutes total
              - probably look at the FAQ section to see how to ask a question. So that's another 5-10 minutes going through that
              - that doesn't say who to ask, So I'd click on the feedback link ... 5 to 15 minutes to load that page
              - If I'm savy enough, click on the add button to write a post ... 5 - 15 minutes more.

              No where in all of that is there the info about emailing the moderators. I know the moderator's email but I could not tell you where it currently exists on this site. To find that information would take 5-15 minutes for each link I tried.

              So it may not be that no one is reporting the problem, they may not know how or want to take that much effort to find out.

              1. re: rworange

                One can always just log on, go and have a pee, get a cup of coffee, knit a sweater or two...and voila!--there's the "Oops" notice!

            2. OK, so now I know that I'm not crazy...this has become a great big pain in my ass!
              Sometimes it completely crashes my whole Windows thing and explorer has to restart.
              Sometimes it tells me that it has to do with Adobe.
              I figured it is because I have Windows Vista (which really has been a pain in my ass) and my computer doesn't know what to do with all the videos.
              It is definitely because of the video.
              CH, please, get rid of the videos. If we want to watch 'em, we'll click on 'em! K?

              1. Slow here too, and I'm not about to go hunting for an email page to point it out to Engineering, where there's a thread right here. Since posts are moderated, the moderator just needs to pass the thread on to the people who can fix it.

                1. I know engineering can get frustrated when this happens because a simple "it's slow" doesn't point to where the problem is. If the people who are having the slow problem could give a little more info like PC/Mac, Operating System w/version, and browser w/version, it may help them to isolate where the problem is.
                  I'm currently running Windows XP/SP2 with firefox with noscript and adblock, on a DSL connection and all pages are loading in from 8 to 15 seconds.
                  I do get the occasional log in problem and quite a few OOPS! pages though.

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                  1. re: hannaone

                    This has been reported in the past with people reporting operating systems types of pcs and access. The response is that too few people are reporting it so it doesn't matter.

                    Not only have I reported it here, I have reported this through email.

                    I would guess that most of the people having problems are like me ... on dialup which does not handle videos as well as DSL.

                    The frustration is not on the side of engineering from what I can determine. The frustration is with people who can no longer acess the site.

                    The response from mnosme made me really laugh ... but sadly ... excluding the part about knitting two sweaters ... is exactly how I read Chowhound these days. I sign on ... have breakfast ... check to see if the pages have loaded ... sometimes they do ... sometimes there is the oops message. No exaggeration at all.

                    This was originally reported November 28th. It is not the first post about this. There were posts prior to that. I don't see anyone from Chow asking people having problems to give them more information.

                    The only other possiblity is traffic. In the past weekends have traditionally been slow. Today access was decent. It is a low traffic day.One day last week was decent.The rest were very much the situation of a minimum of 5 minutes to load a single page.

                    I took advantage today to read as many posts as possible because probably tommorrow it will be back to what it was.

                    The people reporting it in this tread are long-time contributors like myself who are sort of hanging on because we like Chowhound and are taking the excruciating long time it takes us to first load the technical support page and then the usually extremely long time to post about a problem.

                    You know there is a "chowhound is dead" thread that says that there are still a lot of people who are still so techincally unsavy that rather than using search or google, they just post repetative questions. If people have trouble using a search engine, how many will have the savy to be able to report a problem like this? Again, tip of the iceberg as was said earlier.

                    1. re: rworange

                      I was one of those affected last time and apparrantly the reporting led to a fix since this time I'm not affected.
                      The reason I made the comment is I truly enjoy your posts and would like to see the problem fixed so I can continue to do so. (selfish motive) :)
                      If it's all dial up that's being affected this time then CH needs to set the videos default to off with an option for people to "click to watch". Automatically starting video eats up way to much of the bandwidth for dial up.

                      1. re: rworange

                        It doesn't appear to be purely a dial up problem, since some of the people reporting the issue aren't on dial up, near as we can tell. The problem is not that so few people are reporting it that we don't care, it's that few people are reporting it, and they don't seem to be using the same browsers, ISPs or operating systems, so we can't tell what distinguishes those particular people from all of the other who aren't having the problem.

                        1. re: Jacquilynne

                          It would seem that, if many of the reporting users have different browsers, etc., that the problem lies with CNET. I still believe the delays are caused by the ads and video loads on the righthand side. That seems to be the common thread in the complaints.

                          1. re: mnosyne

                            Sure, but the majority of users are not having these problems. So there's something about the video unit that's causing an issue for a small percentage of the users. If we knew what they had in common, we could tweak whatever that was -- but they don't initially appear to have anything in common, so it's hard to know what to tweak.

                            1. re: Jacquilynne

                              Then I'm assuming that is based on some reporting that Chow is doing that shows traffic hasn't decreased on the site.

                                1. re: Melanie Wong

                                  I wouldn't be surprised if posts were down on Saturday and Sunday, even by normal weekend standards. The page-loading time was ridiculously slow all weekend, no matter which of three browsers, two computers, and one multimedia phone I used. I managed to post, but it was a huge hassle. I connect to the Internet via cable modem or wi-fi, not dial-up.

                                  I concur with Knoblauch and others that the problem is site-specific. Even when the rest of the Internet is slow, chowhound.com (thanks to that main CHOW page) takes significantly longer to load than similar graphics-heavy website pages.

                              1. re: Jacquilynne

                                Jacquilynne--do you perhaps mean, "the majority of users are not _reporting_ these problems?" Remember, most dissatisfied customers in any field of business just move on to another store/vendor/site without comment. Or for a more relevant analogy, most dissatisfied restaurant customers don't complain, but just go elsewhere.

                                But since you asked, I'm running IE 6.0 on XP and am online via cable modem. And I agree with another poster--even when the rest of the net is slow, this site is slower.

                                1. re: Jacquilynne

                                  I'm using IE 7 on XP via cable modem. Slow and crashing both have been happening with increasing frequency over the past week or so. I haven't noticed whether or not there are more frequent occurrences when there is video on the page, but I have noticed (hard not to!) that my computer crashes a *lot* (maybe 15% to 20% of the time?) when I hit the back button. Only way to get back is the ctrl-alt-del route. Very frustrating.

                                  1. re: Jacquilynne

                                    Jacquilynne—I don’t mean to hassle you, but I can offer a counter-example: Every morning I read my newspaper and, more often than not, something in that paper really ticks me off. I should sit down and write the Times a letter or e-mail, but I almost never do. I think the same applies here. Unless you (the tech team) query the entire pool of Chow users, you’ll never know how widespread the problem is.

                                  2. re: mnosyne

                                    Since I run WinXP/MSIE 6.0, which is apparently not the developers' software of choice, I've had just about every problem that everyone has ever mentioned--in the past. Right now, except for the perpetually invisible avatars, everything seems to be working pretty well. The most recent update to my firewall seemed to suppress the contents of the "In Videos" box, but things were OK even before that.

                                    OK, I take that back, at least partially. I just got "Saving..." stuck on the screen instead of a redisplay of my message after I edited it and clicked Save. Whoever monitors these things, please take note (and maybe even acknowledge?).

                                  3. re: Jacquilynne

                                    Does the message that there seems to be something wrong with the server and that I should try to reload in 30 seconds have any relationship to ISP, browser, or operating system on my side? I would imagine not.

                                    That message comes much more frequently when the site seems slow. In the past half hour, the site has responded reasonably well, and I've only got the "There seems to be a problem . . ." message once in that time.

                                    As another point of data, when the site is crawling, the "Post My Reply" button still responds pretty quickly (assuming you wait to navigate to that point), even though loading any full page takes forever.

                                    1. re: Knoblauch

                                      No -- that should be independent of your browser, since we're generating that page.

                              2. OK, chowhound has been so slow today that even I am motivated to report it. I'm using DSL, with IE6, and clicking on a link takes AAAAAAAAGES (minutes, like 5 or 10). If I give up and click the link again (because the page hasn't refreshed yet), I get to the new page in about a minute.

                                It isn't happening right now, or I would have given up before getting to this thread. But this afternoon was excruciatingly slow. Plus, I got kicked out (logged out without my consent).

                                Just so you know, it's happening to LOTS of people who don't bother to complain.


                                1. This is beginning to get really, really frustrating. The past two days, when I try to send a reply, the little clock timer stops dead, the blue bar in the bottom tray (what *is* that called?) fills all the way to the right and stops, and IE7 on XP hangs and I have to ctrl-alt-del to close out IE and open Chowhound again. When I get back on, I see that my message has indeed been posted, but knowing that I'm going to have to force close IE every time I want to post has me thinking twice about it (which, I acknowledge, may not be a bad thing. Nontheless . . . ).

                                  ETA: And sometimes, like just a minute ago, the little circular time thingie is replaced by what looks like a button that says "nul," and then it hangs and I have to force close.

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                                  1. re: JoanN

                                    This entire thread is a mystery .I visit here several times a day and the site is faster than most, and every site i visit is VERY fast.
                                    I am in the Albany NY area, run a Mac and have a high speed cable connection called Road Runner.
                                    The problems reported here must be hard to correct at the Chow Hound server level since it it certainly does not effect all.
                                    Might it be useful to see if there is only a limited number of problems served by only a single or a few routers?
                                    The large # of posts appearing all day, each day suggests to me that this is a limited problem.
                                    Good Luck to all.

                                    1. re: mr jig

                                      For me the ongoing issue isn't speed (I, too, am using Road Runner, but out of Manhattan) as much as it is crashing whenever I try to post a message. Are you using Safari, mr jig? It seems as though most of us who have problems are using IE 6 or 7 on the PC. I've cleared the IE cache, updated and run both Ad Aware and SpyBot, and run the disk cleaning utitlity. And I'm still crashing. But only on this site. I've posted to a couple of other sites I frequent with no difficulty.

                                      ETA: Odd, but it doesn't seem to happen when I post to this board. I'm noticing it mainly on the Home Cooking board. But then, that is where I'm most likely to be posting.

                                      1. re: JoanN

                                        Joan, yes Safari and i have ZERO problems.
                                        Frankly in 5 years i have never had any speed or freezing problems and only very rare crashes.
                                        These days a Mac crash is limited to the application, you just go to the dock and click on the application. Nothing else has been affected.
                                        All hail Mac!

                                        1. re: JoanN

                                          For what it's worth Joan - not that it helps you - but I'm on TW highspeed using IE 7 and haven't had the problem at all. All the curiouser, so to speak.

                                        2. re: mr jig

                                          Meanwhile, here in Austin, it's taken me five hours to load and read six new items on the Austin board plus post to this one thread. I'm using a MacBook Pro and a cable-modem connection that has quickly loaded every other website that I've visited today (including graphics-heavy ones related to holiday shopping). This is the slowest chowhound.com has ever been—for me—since this past weekend.

                                          This site used to be faster for me, too. In addition, I've experienced significantly fewer issues with page-loading when I've checked out chowhound while traveling this fall. If the problems were limited to my local Internet connection, however, every website would be similarly affected. Another poster noted above that all CNET sites loaded slowly for him or her. I wonder if the same is true for other Austin chowhounds who use the same cable-provider that I do. It would certainly explain the relatively low posting-rate on my local board over the past few days.

                                          This is not my field of expertise, but I would guess that there's a (new?) problem with the way CNET transmits information to my Internet provider—and many others.

                                          1. re: MPH

                                            FWIW I'm on a MacBook/cable modem and except for the 502 errors which seem to be getting more frequent, I don't have any slowness right now.

                                      2. The interesting thing is that I was on DSL most of the day with my laptop and experienced the "slows". Now I'm on dial-up and the site is running faster than on DSL earlier.

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                                        1. re: Melanie Wong

                                          Wierd. My dial-up connection was decent from Mon-Wed. Then Wednesday night about 4-5 it went back to 15 minute page loads and that's where it is now.

                                          1. re: rworange

                                            I'm having a similar wierd experience. Last night around 8 CST I was reveling in relatively fast (but still too slow) 15-second page loads on a fast hotel internet connection in St Louis. At the moment the self-same iBook is wallowing in free time as both Firefox and Safari are waiting for www.chowhound.com. Meanwhile using T-Mobile's phone-based Internet, I'm getting relatively normal response, so I'm using a phone to make this post. (Not a good reason to become proficient at typing on this tiny keyboard.


                                            On the other hand back in Austin this past weekend both the mobile phone network and TWC cable modems were crawling for long periods of time.

                                            In all cases every other Internet site behaves normally while Chowhound bogs down. Is there any chance that chowhound or some of the other domains that it links to for advertising, content, or general user surveillance have bad or unreliable nameserver entries? That could have some relation to regional and ISP variation. Posting in general on the Austin board was way down yesterday from what I saw.