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Nov 28, 2007 03:24 PM

CH Challenge: Good eats for non-beef/pork/empanada eater in Buenos Aires, Iguazu, and/or Ushuaia?

Hi all,

I'll be going to Antarctica soon and so am stopping in Ushuaia for a day, and will be in Buenos Aires afterwards from the 21st-27th. I know Argentina is known for the empanadas and grass-fed meat, but I don't eat beef or pork. The family also tends to stay away from fried foods... That said, any good eats to be had?

I will also be in Iguazu Falls over the 24th and 25th (since literally everything will be closed in Buenos Aires) and staying on the Argentinian side in Puerto Iguazu at the Secret Garden B&B, the address is Los Lapachos 623 | Puerto Iguazu, Misiones, Argentina. I gather that there won't be much to eat there and especially at that time, but I thought I would ask anyhow.

We still don't have a place booked in Buenos Aires or Ushuaia (any recs of areas would be appreciated :) ), so that might give more flexibility in terms of suggestions. Thanks so much, looking forward to see what my fellow hounders can come up with!

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  1. I had some very, very good gnocchi and fish at a restaurant in Iguazu called Aqva:

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      That looks great, I will definitely check it out, especially since I love seafood. I'm wondering though, will restaurants in Iguazu be open on the 24th/25th since it's Christmas?

      Thanks for the suggestion! Anyone have others?

    2. La Rueda in Puerto Iguazu also has a very large menu that is not exclusive to meat. There was plenty of pasta and even local river fish. We had a terrific dinner there in early November.

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        Noted! I'm excited to try the local fish...

      2. In Buenos Aires, just walk along Avenida Corrientes. You will come across lots of good pizza places. It's a specialty on that street. I especially like Guerrin, and I had a wonderful pizza topped with mozzarella and fresh basil at Los Inmortales, 1369 Corrientes. I wrote about Guerrin on my blog, Hope this helps.

        Barbara H

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          Thank you all, all good recs.

          Is the sushi generally good in Buenos Aires? Also, in what neighborhoods are the better/less tourist trap-y restaurants located? I was reading about Palmero and Recoleta...

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            I second Los Immortales. Wonderful pizza. It's not that hard to find chickitarian food in B.A. There are many Italian choices, and also even the churrascurias have giant salad bars, often with delicious sushi. But if you even occasionally eat steak, do have one in Argentina. I'm not a pork eater and rarely eat beef, but one of the best steaks of my life was Argentinian beef.

            1. re: brendastarlet

              Thanks, I'm overwhelmed with choices in BA now that I've searched previous boards. Seems that Restaurant Dora is the place to go, regardless of whether you're big on meat, or not. And of course, I will try some beef, as you always have to sample what each city does best. I've seen recs for Jagunda, and some other fish restaurants, as well as vegetarian restaurants such as Bio.

              Any really special/unique dining experiences in BA that should be particularly noted? Regardless of price...

              1. re: ShikaSfrn

                My fave in BA is Restaurant Dora. Great job with fish and lots of yummy sides and salads.

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                  For a special/unique dining experience in BA, try Le Bistro at the FaenaHotel + Universe in Puerto Madero East, fono: 4010-9000. It's great molecular.