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Tulip - what do you order?

I'm always surprised when Tulip gets lumped in with the "steak houses" of the city. I mean, I eat there regularly so I see that people do order the steak there but still, never think of it as a steakhouse.

Personally, I love it there, but very rarely order the steak - order the Porterhouse maybe once every year or two. Once in a while, when I am seriously protein deprived I'll get the Steak & Eggs. My favs are the chopped steak and gravy, the spaghetti, the lemon cream pie, the ceasar salad, and the jumbo burger -- I think of Tulip as 'down home' cooking.

What are your favs at the Tulip?

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  1. I too have gone there dozens of times and only had steak once. I usually get the clubhouse or the spaghetti and meat sauce. The chopped sirloin is also surprisingly satisfying. To be honest, I can't put my finger on what the appeal is of this place, but I love it.

    1. The lamb shank special on Fridays and Saturdays. At around $10.00, it's probably the best-priced, tastiest, heartiest piece of lamb to be had in the city.

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        1610 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4L1G2, CA

        1. 24 oz. porterhouse...bets value for money in the GTA

          1. Growing up the Tulip was where you might go if you couldn't get in a seat at the Diamond... am I showing my age?
            Just curious since so many hounds seem to like the place - are the ingredients for things like the cesar and pies "real" and/or "homemade" - like real whipped cream, decent non-Renee's cesar dressing, etc? I am not aiming to criticize - just curious about the place.

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              the cream on the pies is real, I dunno about the ceasar salad dressing (it's not renee's but I don't think it's real). It's not anywhere near fine dining to me but I like it's non-chain 'normal food' charm

            2. Hey Wasabi,

              I too think of Tulip as a place for comfort food . . . I always get their steak sandwich with the homefries . . .and I always get an extra order of coleslaw (it's always very fresh) . . . I have also ordered the shepherd's pie which was quite good . . . For the money you really can't go wrong there


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                Porterhouse or pork chops and finish with Banana or coconut crream. Always one of my fav's

              2. Growing up we used to go their corned beef and cabbage special...I think they still have it on tuesdays(?)

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                  oh yeah, that's a good one -- I get that sometimes when it's the daily special.

                  I miss the stuffed peppers too -- used to be Wed, I think.
                  And if I'm there on Lasagna day we get that too

                  1. Has anyone tried halibut and chips? Price is good for a sit down place.

                    1. their homemade burger is also pretty delicious i have to say......but for me the tulip has always been a breakfast place.

                      1. I'm a big fan of the steak and eggs. Probably the best dollar-to-protein ratio you can get, short of ordering three double cheeseburgers from McDonalds.

                        1. Fish and chips, Steak and eggs. (yum)

                          1. My husband's faves are the Chopped Sirloin and he swears by their Burger....I always have the Tenderloin Steak (8 times out of 10 it's as rare as I like it but sometimes it's been more medium which I hate!) I love the cole slaw!
                            I think the Pies are not as good as they used to be, normally have the Banana Cream/Coconut Cream...they seem to be gelatinous (almost like 'hard' jello....YUCK!!)
                            Hate to say but I think they are 'slipping' somewhat.

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                              I'm also a breakfast and burger guy there, but my gf loved the chopped sirloin.
                              Ask for fried onions on the burg.

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                                koknia, that's such a great tip! I always get them to grill the onion and tomato that come with the burger, it makes it just that much better.

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                                  Sure, the steak is a good value, but, I wasn't too impressed with the steaks.
                                  Tulip's a good place for breakfast or burgers.

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                                    Tulip serves a great, inexpensive steak if quality and preparation (taste) are not priorities. In terms of atmosphere, don't expect a steak house - it is a diner. If it were a steak house it would be equivalent to Ponderosa in my opinion.

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                                      I have to agree with dee. I've been hearing about this place for ages and finally went last weekend. I had the burger which was very good -- nice soft bun and good beef. I'd have it again and it knocks places like Hero outof the park. My other half had the steak -- it was cooked well (rare, as requested) but the meat was almost entirely tasteless.