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Nov 28, 2007 01:28 PM

Where to buy acorn meal?

Preferably East Bay, but am willing to travel and/or mail order if necessary. Please help!

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  1. A long, long time ago, the Old Bale Grist Mill near Calistoga had some - but believe me, it was a LONG time ago! I think you might need to make your own. It's an involved process, but this is such a great year for acorns that you could collect more than enough pretty quickly. I recently googled the preparation process because I was thinking of trying to make my own and it seemed do-able.

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    1. re: hi standards

      Great! Can you include the link?


        1. re: hi standards

          Wow, that's how our fifth grade history teacher tortured us. The process took forever and the resulting little patties were not good. Have you ever eaten anything tasty made from acorn meal?

          1. re: Glencora

            I can't say for sure that I've eaten ANYTHING made from acorn meal, but I was hoping to make these:


            They look and sound sooooo good!

            I also have some recipes that call for chestnut flour that I thought might be able to be adapted to use the acorn meal.

            1. re: chemchef

              I recently harvested and processed valley oak acorns up here in Sonoma County. They were quite mild and didn't require several rounds of leaching. I ground the acorns into a really beautiful meal with a hand grinder and used it in a gingerbread recipe - just substituted it for half the flour.

              Absolutely delicious and extremely satisfying to see the process through.

        2. were you able to find a place to order from? I'm trying to order some for a school. Thanks!

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          1. re: airma519

            When I was in elementary school, we ground our own as a class project.

            1. re: airma519

              NO! I never found any... waaaaaaaa! If anyone knows of any leads, do tell, please!

              1. re: chemchef

                You might call Hot Dog Depot in Martinez and see if they will sell you some of theirs.

                Hot Dog Depot & Bakery
                400 Ferry St, Martinez, CA

            2. I'm not sure what you're trying to do, but just about any Korean grocery store carries acorn starch. It's generally used to make a savory acorn jello (just hot water in a pot and stir stir stir).

              FYI: There are a variety of different oak tree types in the area, and they nut at different times (also varying with weather too).

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              1. re: Jumbo_Jack

                I don't know why the link I posted above doesn't work anymore, but I wanted to make these:


                I'm also not sure that acorn starch is the same as acorn flour (the same way that corn starch is not the same thing as corn flour).

                1. re: chemchef

                  Important points I like in the recipe.
                  Make meal by grinding dry, raw acorn kernels (after shelling).***
                  The white oak family has less tannin than the black oak family
                  Squirrels go for white oak acorns first.
                  They're not dumb.
                  *** never assume

                  1. re: wolfe

                    What's your take on red oak? It seems I'm mostly surrounded by red oaks (coastal live oaks, scrub oaks).

                    I have no idea what type of acorns we used as kids, but I don't think they were red oaks... they just weren't that pointy.

                    1. re: Jumbo_Jack

                      Apparently among acorn connoisseurs, deer, white acorns are preferred due to lower tannin levels. Of course, they have limited access to leaching procedures.

                      1. re: wolfe

                        That's EAST coast... they don't even have the Coastal Live Oak that grows up and down the state. Or the scrub oaks...

                        1. re: Jumbo_Jack

                          Obviously those deer have limited access to transportation to sample our acorn offerings on the West Coast. Their loss.