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Nov 28, 2007 01:15 PM

MSP best BBQ Ribs today?

In a few days, I'm taking the employees at my small company out for BBQ for our holiday celebration. Where would you go for Ribs?

Rudolphs? Good texture and seasonings and sauce, but no smoke.

Market? Last couple of times they were too dry and tough.

Ted Cooks? Can't eat there. Variable results. Sometimes they're great, sometimes not so much.

Famous Dave's? Please. This place is a theme-park, not a restaurant.

Lee & Dee's? I don't like my ribs falling off the bone.

Right now, I'm leaning, reluctantly, toward Rudolph's. Maybe I should just make my own damn ribs.

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  1. In October, a group of chowhounds tried to settle the debate for ourselves. Read the results here:

    Lee & Dee's has booths but it's really better for take-out. Perhaps add Aesop's Table in St. Paul to your list of candidates, though they do ribs only on certain days of the week (maybe Thursday?).

    Also note that 128 Cafe has re-opened at last, and their ribs are back on the dinner menu. It's possible to reserve their back room for a group.

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    1. re: KTFoley

      the 128 has re-opened?! I did not know that!
      Thanks much, KTFoley!

      1. re: ajs

        The ribs at 128 are definitely worth the trip -- it's clear they put some real time and attention into them. Otherwise, the menu is all over the place, and the execution on certain dishes (chewy duck, under-seasoned "Szechuan" flank steak) was disappointing to say the least.

    2. Bakers Ribs in Eden Prairie. Great atmosphere for sitting in.

      1. I would second Bakers but also say that Ikes downtown has really good ribs if you liked the type that the old Pickled Parrot use to have. That is the closest I have found. The Market is too variable. More than 1/2 the time the food is old and dry. I am more of a dry rub fan so Rudolphs does not do it for me. I have actually had some fair baby backs at Famous Daves but I understand your comment.

        Try Bakers. It is like going back in time a little. Good luck!

        1. Personally, my favorite place for ribs is Redstone. I was a bit reluctant to try them (I mean, seriously, Redstone is one the first place that jumps to my mind for ribs), but have been a happy fan of theirs ever since.

          They only do a babyback rib though

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          1. re: DawnAndBen

            I'd respectfully disagree on Redstone. They were waaay too salty, didn't have much spice (though who could tell), had no crust. Truly one of the most disappointing meals I've had. I'd recommend Rudolphs instead.

          2. I've always liked Scott Jamamas on Diamond Lake Road just off 35W. I also second the rec on Redstone -- might be a growing a chain but there's a reason why.

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            1. re: mplsmike

              redstone is a chain? where are locations & where is the chain based?

              i will say it again, and feel free to ignore me: scott jamama's ribs are not cooked with smoke; therefore they are *not* bbq by definition. they are grill food and are held to different standards accordingly.