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Nov 28, 2007 12:28 PM

Rather shocking restaurant safety PSA from Canada

Some people will find this upsetting to watch. I'm wondering if they show this on TV or in culinary school or ?

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  1. The restaurant equivalent of Red Asphalt.

    1. That ad has been airing frequently here in Toronto. In fact, my husband just came upon it twice while flipping through the channels a few minutes ago. It's really disturbing.

      1. That was so incredibly disturbing. I have been to CIA and watched some horrific videos at school but that puts it all to shame. Wow - don't know what else to say.

        1. Horrifying. This is why I don't let my son (4) turn on the tv by himself. Is Canada having a big problem with kitchen accidents or something?

          1. Horrible! Of course they did say they showed this during hockey games. What's up with that?

            When our daughter started working in a kitchen she was required to get special shoes. Non skid, thick soles, and very expensive, but worth it because of the safety issues, as shown in this PSA.