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Nov 28, 2007 12:24 PM

Rehearsal dinner in Greenville, ME

This mother of the groom is seeking a site in Greenville, Maine, for a Friday evening rehearsal dinner for about 40 people in August 2008. The wedding itself will be at the Blair Hill Inn on Saturday evening so we prefer someplace other than there. We love good food (great food!) and would like to have the dinner include Maine-based fare. (I'm seeing mini lobster rolls as one of the hors d'oeuvres.) Price is not a big issue, but great food (and a liquor license) are!

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  1. The pickings are slim in Greenville, and Ruth, from The Blair Hill, would be your best source on other possibilities.

    There are two other fine dining spots. The Lodge at Moosehead, just up the road from Blair Hill, is under new ownership. I'd be very surprised if it would close its main dining room for a private function, especially on a Friday night, but there is a pub downstairs that might work. Ask Ruth about the chef, if it's the same one from the summer. He was very good (used to be at blair hill, and before that, Walter's in Portland, i think).

    Other possibility, again, probably not on a Friday night in summer, is Greenville Inn, but it has a rocky history in the dining room. Better last summer, but who knows. It's also for sale.

    If you can find a location, see if Abby Freethy (spelled something like that) might be able to cater. She's the Northwoods Gourmet Girl, and had a restaurant in the junction, but it closed.

    For a real Maine experience, consider one of the local sporting camps. Hearty good food, but nothing fancy. It will be memorable, though (Pittston Farm, Maynard's).