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Nov 28, 2007 12:06 PM

Looking for a private dining room for 45 in Charlottesville area

I will have a group in Charlottesville in Feb of '08 and need to find a restaurant in or near Charlottesville (22911) that can handle approx. 45 people for dinner (on a Friday night no less). Am looking for a moderately priced place ($15-$20pp on average) that has a varied american fare menu. Any suggestions???


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  1. Fitting your criteria, I can think of three possibilities:
    Michael's Bistro -- pretty solid food, they could meet your price, I'm not sure if they'd do the 45 because that's most of the restaurant.
    Rapture -- not quite as solid food, but not bad, I think they could also meet your price and the size of the party should be fine.
    West Main: A Virginian restaurant -- I'm honestly not sure of the food, but they're large enough and could meet the price range.

    Charlottesville, VA, Charlottesville, VA

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          Regardless of the food quality on that, though, it's at least twice the price range that the OP noted.