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is there anywhere good in renton to take my out of town aunt tonight?

She's staying near where East Valley Highway and 405 meet. Did a Google search, but don't know anything about the most local places. Can anyway give a recomendation on Pabla, Jubilante, or Armondo's? Or is our best bet to take her up to Columbia City? Thanks.

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  1. I would say go to Columbia City. However there is a wine/beer shop who used to have good food/wine tastings. Haven't been there in over a year though. It's called the Red House, close to that patch of hotels.

    1. Armando's, Vino or Bella Napoli are all good Italian options and I believe they are all located on 3rd St.

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        13 Coins across from the airport drive entrance is always a kick. We took my colleague's 85 year old mother from WI there this summer and she loved it: the relish tray, the booths, the drinks, and the food was ever reliable for what it is.

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          I should probably specify that we're not looking for anything family style. My aunt is a cool 40-something semi-foodie, but i know nothing about Renton. So is there anywhere worth it, or should we take her to Seattle proper to find good food and a good atmosphere?

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            Yeah, I would take her to Columbia City.

      2. I've enjoyed Armondo's Italian food the couple of times I've been there. I've heard pretty good things about the Melrose Grill, which is a steakhouse, but I've never been myself. The Whistle Stop Ale House is more casual, but has good pub food.

        1. My husband used to work in Renton so I spent a lot of time looking for decent places to eat in that area. I never liked Jubilante but I did like Pabla quite a bit (just don't do the buffet at lunch).

          1. Look up Melrose Grill. It's in Renton, but I have no idea where since my mom is the one who always does the driving down there! :D

            It's a nice traditional steakhouse and I've always had nice meals there.

            1. The Melrose Grill. Great Steaks and an awesome stuffed chicken breast... the only problem is there are no appetizers.

              Last time I was at Armondo's... well, let's just say the service was... non-existent? It was a Sunday, so maybe they weren't expecting very many people?

              1. So, just out of curiosity, where did you end up?

                Last time I was at Jubilante to meet friends, they had no gas to cook with and were limited to a fry vat and salads....I could have lived with that, but the waitress was a trifle scary. Haven't been back since, but have had good meals there and they have live music that can be worthwhile at times. Knowing how quickly kitchen staff can turn over, I'd probably give it another shot if I were to meet friends in Renton again.

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                  We went to Melrose Grill, and it was decent. Steak was tasty, but I ordered mine black and blue and was expecting it to be rarer than it was.

                  Thanks, all, for the suggestions.