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Nov 28, 2007 11:53 AM

Belgian Endive ideas?

I was craving it, I bought it, and now I'm having a mental block re what to do with it. I have fond memories of eating crab salad in the little leaf boats, but I don't really have anything to float in a boat. I'm concerned that the endive chopped by itself in a salad will be too bitter, without anything to balance it out. Maybe if I chop up the endive and toss in some parmesan shavings? All ideas are appreciated!

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  1. I love endive in a salad with apples, walnuts and blue cheese. Recently made a roasted pear salad with endives, toasted hazelnuts and blue cheese.

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    1. re: MMRuth

      That looks beautiful. The endive is a backdrop, and it looks like you've used a second lettuce for the salad itself. Can you paraphrase the dressing? Is it just a vinagrette?

      1. re: sasha1

        There's some arugula in it as well. I'll paraphrase the whole recipe for you later when I have more time. But the dressing is six roasted pear wedges (pear cut into eighths), mashed. Combine 1 T diced shallots, add to 2.5 T sherry vinegar, 2 T rice vinegar and 3/4 tsp salt - let sit for 5 minutes. Whisk in 1/4 cup hazelnut oil and 1/2 cup grapeseed oil, then add pear puree.

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          that sounds absolutely aMAZing! MMRuth, where was that recipe in the salad dressing thread??? Perhaps I should start a new one with favorite salad recipes?

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            It's from Goin's Sunday Suppers at Lucques. Will try to post the whole recipe tomorrow.

    2. This is one of my favorite winter salads: Belgian Endive with mandarine oranges(from the can, but rinse of the sugary syrup).

      Dressing: walnut oil, lemon juice, s&p, some dill and/or parsley, sour cream. The sweetness of the mandarines makes up for the bitterness of the endive, and the sour cream lemony dressing just makes it all come together.... now I want this for dinner!

      1. My idea is to not buy it anymore.

        I have given this premium expensive vegetable all the time and effort it is going to get from me. it never comes out worth the energy or expense.

        Try baking it with cream and parm, then dress it with bacon.

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          Whoa, don't be hatin' ;-). I am actually pretty surprised how Belgian Endive is considered a delicacy in the U.S., and priced accordingly. In Germany, not only is it called chicoree, but it is also on the cheap side.

          Another idea: braise it with butter, lemon juice, salt & lots of fresh ground (need I mention that even?) black pepper till soft. Nice side dish.

        2. I realize you want to prepare it with what you have on hand but I couldn't resist mentioning one of my all time favorite things to eat. Years ago my sister and I went to the Sherry-Netherlands Hotel in Manhatten every day we were there for lunch, about a month, to eat their endive and beet salad with a simple oil and vinegar dressing. The flavors were a match made in heaven.

          1. Slice it and brise it with a ham & cheese sauce, very tasty with mashed potatoes and meatballs. That's how it's being eaten in Holland.... Just like Linguiafood said, not a delicacy in Holland either, just nice wintery comfort food. and yes, very cheap! was surprised when I saw how expensive it actually is in the US.
            Als nice as a salad with mango and a light vinaigrette....