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Nov 28, 2007 11:07 AM

Dining Alone in Memphis Downtown

Are there any upscale places downtown that have a food-bar or something where I can dine alone and not feel too much like a loser? What about Automatic Slims? Also, I recall seeing a newer Italian place that I think was owned by the Grisanti family and wondered if it would fit the bill.

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  1. Just about every restaurant in downtown Memphis has a bar where you can eat, including Automatic Slim's and Judd Grisanti's Spindini. Both of those are happening places where you could meet people if you are outgoing. Spindini is somewhat known as a hangout for suburban women looking for younger guys. Also consider Itta Bena above BB King's. Encore is another good choice that is less bar-like than the others, but the food is excellent at all mentioned.

    1. I second ENCORE. I have dined there alone several times, always enjoying great service and exceptional meals. Actually, I have noted several solo diners each time I visited. Cool atmosphere to boot.

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        I would say Encore or Automatic Slim's would be great choices.