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Fresh sliced sandwich meat

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I grew up in NJ where you go to a deli, ask for a sandwich or sub and they grab for the meat and cheese to put on the slicer. In this area they grab for a tightly wrapped plastic bag with meat sliced days earlier. There is an overwelming difference in taste, anybody know of a place in DC/MD that slices to order?

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  1. Someone on another thread mentioned Atrium Cafe at Farragut North in the bottom of the building with Morton's and the post office.

    I know the Italian Store in VA does, and probably A. Litteri's in NE.

    Heidi's Bakery near Farragut West hand slices mine, but I also am normally grabbing a quick dinner before class not when they are crowded.

    And Breadline has sandwiches with real sliced turkey breast, not like the kind you get in the store very good.

    1. I believe they do this at CF Folks but someone else might need to confirm this.

      You can get fresh sliced deli meat at the Whole Foods on P St. as well as at So's Your Mom up in Adams Morgan.

      1. I grew in NJ just about 8 miles from Hog Island, the disputed origin of the "hoagie". I ate hoagies at least once a week, mostly more often for 40 years.

        most places I went to (and still go to) slice the meat in the morning (or maybe the day the week before, who knows). I can bring to mind only one place that sliced to order on standard meats and cheeses.

        You ask for a liverwurst, you got that fresh sliced. You ask for an Italian, the meats and cheese were ready to go.

        It's like "well" drinks at bars in the "speed rack" or well. I'm sure we have all seen that generally triangular shaped stainless stell hood at the back of the counter/table where they make the sandwhich. That's the well. Holds chopped lettuce, sliced tomatoes, onions and peppers, and yup, meats and cheeses.

        1. Oh my goodness, Wagschall's on Massachusetts, near AU Law. They have two storefronts: one a deli and one a butcher. Each morning, they take a roast, a ham, a turkey breast, etc., from the butcher and roast them, then slice them fresh in the deli. Toppings are wonderful and bread is to die for. Their soups are quite good, too, and people who don't cook swear by their prepared foods. Worth a weekend trip.

          1. The Atrium Cafe makes great sandwiches with freshly-cooked and hand-carved deli meats.

            It's in the basement of the building with Morton's on the west side of Connecticut Ave. directly next to the Farragut North metro station.

            1. I grew up in Philadlephia so I know how wonderful it is to bring home freshly sliced deli meat and make a sandwich, like the second I get home. I also dislike pre-sliced meats and cheeses, but the thing is, any store will cut to order. Just tell them you want fresh cut. That's all.
              Find a nice store which sells Dietz and Watson (a Philly favorite) and have them fresh slice it for you. Harris Teeter, at least by me in Alexandria, has an awesome deli dept. where they give you slice of whatever you want to try it out. It's got better grazing than Costco.


              1. I don't know how close you are to Jersey Mike's - but they slice meat to order for every sub. You are right, it makes a big difference.

                1. Cornucopia in Bethesda...salumneria - pricey but tasty

                  1. A trip to Baltimore will get you 2 great spots that will leave you stuffed. They cook fresh corned beef every day at Atmans deli, near the big post office downtown. And in the Lexington Market, near the entrance close to Univ. Maryland hospital they cook the meat there daily too, so it is NOT a premade deli experience but a cooked daily, sliced for your sandwich and still warm.

                    Both places have the toppings you want: the bread might not be the best but get a bag of utz chips and find in the market a spot that sells Berger cookies and you will end your search..

                    1. Il Scalino deli in Little Italy (313 s. High St) slices all their meats to order, I live across the street and it is my favorite place for Italian cold cuts...imported porchetta....MANNA!!!

                      1. Phillip's Cafe makes excellent sandwiches from hand-carved roast beef, ham and turkey. They have good bread, with lots of toppings, and they are very quick (the sandwich making is like an assembly line, but they're made to order).

                        I don't know their address, but they're almost next door to Irish Times, near Union Station.

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                          i second Phillips. There's one on 14th (or 13th) street. Around the corner from McPherson Square.

                        2. I go to Calvert Woodley on Conn Av right off the Van Ness metro on the red line. It might look like a liquor store from the outside, but it's actually a pretty good wine/beer store with a solid deli for meats and cheese. I'm a fan of italian meats (capicola, prosciutto, mortadella, sopressata) and they have them all. They have a wide variety of other meats too.

                          1. Hodge's Sandwich Shop (i.e. roast beef sandwiches and fresh roasted turkey sandwiches) at 616 New York Avenue, N. W. A D. C. institution that goes back 50 or more years and, surprisingly, is rarely discussed on here. Wagshal's is a great recommendation also. AV Litteri is too, for the kind of sandwiches/subs that they sell. The Bread Line is outstanding for what it does but I think it's not what you are looking for. CF Folks is, indeed, excellent but it really doesn't fit your description. But Hodge's and Wagshal's both do. Possibly, Litteri's. There's also a place in Laurel that's been there for 40+ years that is similar (Hinkley's? A roast beef sandwich with everything is called "through the garden...") but I haven't been in several years and it is never discussed on here.

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                              Hodges has been there since 1893 actually, which would make it 114 years. Not much longer though given real estate trends in its 'hood.

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                                Upstairs at Washington Deli on 21st. and Eye (I think).

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                                Alas, Henkel's, which was very near NSA in Annapolis Junction (and kind of near Laurel) is gone many years.


                              3. Just to include on this list for NOVA folks, The Deli (in Herndon) does slice the meat for each sandwich - one person does only this (running back and forth a few feet for each sandwich).

                                I am guessing that A Deli would do it as well, and Pica Deli also, but I haven't done recon on those two places since this thread was first posted (gave me a good excuse to drop by The Deli again, though - thanks!)

                                1. If you want fresh sliced real deli go to Miller's Deli in the Greenspring Shopping Center in Pikesville. All the meats,corned beef, pastrami, brisket etc cut fresh to order. They have all the tradtional homemnade deli foods to eat in or take out. They cook everything on premises.

                                  1. I believe Franklin's (close to AU) has fresh cut turkey from the actual bird.

                                        1. Shalom's on University Blvd in Wheaton if you want kosher.

                                          1. check out the Roasting House on Vermont, so great, fresh meat. I am from LI and crave this too, it is not a true deli but their sandwiches are terrific.

                                            1. Atrium Cafe in SW on School Street across from Police and Fire stations. Hand carved roast beef, turkey and ham.