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Nov 28, 2007 10:52 AM

Old Fashion Christmas Candy!! Kansas City

Looking for old fashion hard candy for a aunt. Does Kansas City have any old fashion candy stores that sell candy by bulk, besides Mr Bulky's(they use to carry it but this year they seem to have no christmas candy). I'm looking for, ribbon candy, chocolate filled candy straws, holiday hard candy fill with fruit, candy filled peanuts, and rainbow christmas gems.

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  1. Try calling Laura Little's I haven't been in years and don't know their stock, but they're probably a good place to start.

    1. I fear Jianas Brothers Ribbon Candy has gone to the great beyond.
      Did they sell the business to someone else?

      1. I know that Dean & Deluca had old fashioned Halloween candy so maybe try there? I just saw ribbon candy somewhere but I cannot remember where for the life of me -maybe it will come to me. Call D&D 913-498-3131

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          Hall's Crown Center and Hall's Plaza have carried Hammond Candies, from Denver, for years. It's wonderful, and very old fashioned.

        2. Maybe Russell Stover on SM Parkway (north side), just west of I-35.

          1. HyVee at State Line and 77th had ribbon candies and some other less common holiday candies - not in bulk, though.