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Nov 28, 2007 10:20 AM

Recent visits to Central?

Going to Central tonight with a group of girls and wanted to see if anyone has suggestions from recent visits.

The only time I've been was in the summer. My husband and I split the gougers and to start I had the onion tart (delicious) and he had a risotto (good). For entrees we weren't super impressed though with the lobster burger (not worth the price) and the hamburger (ditto).

Looking at the menu online, their rabbit preparation sounds great and the fried chicken seems to be popular (although not great for the waistline!).
Any other comments or suggestions?

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  1. Central is not a place to go if you're worrying about the waistline. The food there is very, very rich. Soft shell crabs, veal cheeks, fried chicken, tuna burger. The ace-in-the-hole is the combination faux gras and rillettes to start. One order is enough for the whole table. In fact, after that you can just skip dinner.

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    1. re: Steve

      I know the food isn't super healthy, but for example, how's the rotisserie chicken?
      And what exactly are rillettes?

    2. The rabbit at Citronelle is incredible, I haven't had it at Central, but if it is even close I am sure it is good.

      Rilettes are slow cooked meat shredded and put with some of the cooking fat to form a paste.

      That appetizer is amazing and the BF loved the faux gras even though he doesn't like foie gras.

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      1. re: ktmoomau

        I think the charcuterie plate at Central is delish - I get that when hanging out at the bar with my meat-eating girl friends - esp. like the little salad on the top.

      2. I loved tuna burger when I had it. And the fries were great.

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        1. re: beachgirl54

          last time i went there my wife ordered the rotissere chicken. when it came out she asked the waiter if he broght the fried by mistake because it was so crispy and juicy. he assured us it was the rotissere chicken and it is now one of my wifes favorite dishes in the city. (she is a pretty picky eater)

        2. I had the loup de mer. My only regret was that I had too many appetizers beforehand. It was out of this world. I'm dying to go back and have it again.