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Nov 28, 2007 10:16 AM

Good beer stores between Greenwich and Bridgeport?

I live in Greenwich and work in Bridgeport, and would love to find stores between the two with good beer selections - Belgians, American craft brews, that sort of thing. So far I've found the Stew Leonard's Wine Store in Norwalk, which is pretty good, and Harry's and Fairfield, which is also good. Any other ideas/suggestions?

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  1. Have you checked out World of Beverages in Norwalk? I haven't been there in years and years, but from what I remember the options were numerous. Might be worth a try, at least - it's right off the Merritt.

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      Three Seas Liquor,

      587 Elm Street, Stamford...just off of Exit 8.

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        i stopped buying microbrews at World of Beverages a few years ago b/c most of the time the more obscure ones were past their prime . . . the last straw was a 6-pack of abita amber that had a "drink by" date nine months prior

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          I also like WOB, since NY doesn't sell beer and liquor/wine in the same store we go here to stock up on occasion. The selection is good, as are the prices.

        2. I know this doesn't really fit your question, but Halftime Beverages in Poughkeepsie has the 2nd largest beer selection in the world (thought they sometimes claim they're first), with a whole aisle of Belgians. it's well worth a trip to stock up - I go about once every month or so and get a couple of boxes full of mixed beers - every beer can be bought by the 6pack or individually. It's right on rte 9,

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            There are 3 options I can think of:

            1) Darien Discount beers on the Boston post road - decent selection of microbrews including boulder beer company's awesome mojo IPA!
            2) The wine store in the Darien goodwives shopping center has a decent selection of belgians and micros...chimay/la chouffe...also decent German options and the never-to-be-sniffed at Rogue Dead Guy Ale...
            3) Whole foods in Greenwich has a limited (but not too bad) selection of micros and belgians...


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              and i was going to post the same thing as anned. just wondering, what's the largest beer selection?

              i have seen posts from people coming up on a regular basis from brooklyn and weehawken (nj) for it.

              i'm fortunate to live within 10 miles of them, and go a bit. the most important parts of their selection are:
              1) as mentioned, *anything* can be bought individually. so you can try out any new varieties that come in.
              2) they have 10 different beers on tap...can't drink there (have to buy the mini growlers) but oh, it's great that way.

            2. Fountainhead Wine & Beer in Norwalk, owners of Fat Cat Pie, has a variety of interesting beers and wines. Check it out and tell Tony, Nancy sent you. It is on the same street behind the Westport train station and takes you towards Norwalk train station. Also go to Fat Cat Pie in Norwalk for a great pizza and salad and chocolate!

              1. My favorite is Mo's, in Fairfield. It's on Rt. 1, near the train station. Loads of bottles, plus many 750ml bottles of everything to Unibroue products to esoteric Belgians. Always a few Gueuzes, some lambics, but a great selection.

                1. Have you tried BEVMAX in Stamford or Norwalk? It's more of a general large liquor store but there are some gems in there in many categories and the they have the best prices usually.