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Nov 28, 2007 10:10 AM

Ramen Recommendations in San Fran?

I'm here for 3 days and would love some authentic ramen. Any suggestions?

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  1. Ya, head south to LA. Ha ha ...

    Seriously, though, there are a bunch of Ramen threads on this board, started by Melanie Wong's ramen rankings. Here's the most recent list I could find.

    1. Definitely trust Melanie W. she knows of what she speaks! Also I don't know if she's listed it but Warakabune on Church & 15th has good ramen. It's a sushi boat place that is fairly inexpensive. They've got several types of udon and several ramens. Beware though... the spicy one... is nose burning.

      1. You might have to travel to San Jose but here's rameniac's (LA boards) perspective. His favorite ramen of the trip was Kahoo (over Santa and Halu).

        He loved the shoyu ramen. I prefer the shio. Both are stellar.

        1. SF city's best? Probably Katana-Ya on Geary (across from the musicals theater) close to Union Square.

          I love Kahoo in San Jose as well which easily trumps all of the others. Some die hards like Halu nearby.

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          1. re: K K

            Most definitely second K K's rec above. I think Katana-Ya is the best in SF.

            1. re: osho

              Another vote here for Katanaya, at least for the SF city-and-county limit.

              1. re: osho

                Come to think of it, I had yet another lunch at Ozumo today.

                In addition to the smorgasboard of fresh fish, I ordered the Sapporo Ramen - fresh crab and thinly sliced pork with scallions and some other veggies. It was frightfully good. $15 for the bowl though.

            2. At the appropriately named: Tanpopo in J- town. If you dont want to commit - get the fried rice which comes with a bowl of the broth in lieu of miso. The broth will make you want to order the ramen as your next course.

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              1. re: kare_raisu

                I particularly like the ankake ramen they have here. It's shoyu ramen with fresh vegetables in a starchy sauce - tastes a lot better than it sounds. My friends love the karamiso (red spicy bean paste) ramen. Haven't found any other place in SF that makes these varieties.

                1. re: kare_raisu

                  What a coincidence, I just had the karamiso chasu ramen at Tanpopo tonight. Nice broth and good ramen with some chew to it. Though the chasu was a little dry and light on the fat.