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Nov 28, 2007 10:08 AM

Santa Monica Seafood's new cafe

Just received an email from Santa Monica Seafood announcing their new cafe, 10th Street Cafe. It's at 1000 Wilshire and serves "fresh seafood exclusively from Santa Monica Seafood Co." Hours are from 11 to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. Okay, just a bit inconvenient for most of us.

Here's the link for their menu:

Anyone eaten there yet?

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  1. thanks for the head up. I'll try to go there in the next week.

    1. It looks like it will be less expensive to eat the prepared seafood at the cafe than to buy it uncooked at the Seafood Company. ;-D

      1. THIS IS AWESOME!!! I love SM Seafood and hopefully this means I won't have to go all the way to Malibu Seafood for reasonable fresh fish entrees. Did the email say what day it opens on?

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        1. re: ElJeffe

          My understanding is that they opened today. Their phone number is 310 255-0000 if you want to call to confirm.

          1. re: Outerspace

            I drive by it everyday.
            It's bleak looking from the outside. I was surprised to hear the affiliation with SM Seafood.

            1. re: Wolfgang

              YES!! I mean, no, I haven't eaten there YET, but YAY: I work very near there and am ALWAYS hating the search for cheap (i.e. no overpriced blahfood on Montana, please) but good food that isn't Carl's Jr.!! FINALLY -- a real place to have lunch!! Oh man oh man...

        2. I live just a few blocks from here and might try it tomorrow- will report back. I almost exclusively buy my seafood from them.

          1. Nice addition to the neighborhood! Great to have a reasonable place to go to with my pescaterian daughter! Thanks for the info.