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Nov 28, 2007 10:05 AM

Food by Chef in Miami

It is likely that the one thing that can REALLY ruin a foodie’s wedding is, obviously, bad food. Last Sunday, on the happiest day of my life so far, Chef Lars provided my guests with wonderful food and service, so I felt it was my duty to write this post.

His right hand and coordinator, was wonderful since the first day I met her, she went out of her way to get me a combination of table sizes so that I could have the exact rectangles I wanted, she helped me choose beautiful linens and most of the china choices were included in the quoted price, which, if you have been searching for a caterer, you know everything is an upgrade. They communicated with me for months and offered to help me with errands, and gave recommendations for all other services I needed. They gave me an incredible price that included all alcohol….no limits.

On that day, she managed to make me smile and feel completely comfortable. They worked with high efficiency, the tables looked wonderful, the wait staff was sooooo nice and finally the food was fantastic. They started with a cocktail reception in the beautiful Spanish monastery gardens of passed tapas and white and red sangria. The tapas included high quality meats and cheeses, gazpacho in cucumber cups and tapenades. The presentation was great and the service incredible. My guests kept saying how they always had a waiter right there with food for them. When the paella came out, it came with a side of vegetarian paella and chicken paella for my allergic and/or vegetarian guests, fried garbanzos with chorizo, a Spanish omelet, organic greens and roasted vegetables. When I saw the beautiful paella I almost cried. One of my guests and good friend is a foodie from Spain, so I said jokingly “Do not tell me if it is not to your standards ok? It won’t be fair”. A while later he walks by me with a second plate of food and says “I plan to eat a third one”, and he did! Wine kept coming, there was so much champagne and great liquors. It was a dream come true, a fairy tale, and I just can’t thank them enough.

The cake was made by Todo Dulce in Miami as well. Instead of buttercream or fondant she used Swiss meringue and it was DELICIOUS. EVERYONE had a compliment for it. Chef Lars served the most amazing spiced coffee with the cake and no one could stop dancing and smiling. If you are getting married in Miami, or have any other special occasion coming soon, I tell you, you will love these people.

Food by Chef Lars (786) 268-0025 or (786) 247-7455

Todo Dulces (305) 667-6150

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  1. Yomyb:

    Felicitaciones!! All the best to you for a lifetime of love and happiness!

    And let me tell you....reading your post practically moved me to tears....your happiness and enthusiasm, the perfection of your special day down to every detail, the amazing food and wine. I will make a note of your recommendation of Chef all I have to do is get my SO to propose!!


    1. Congrats, Yomyb! The food sounds absolutely delicious and with the Spanish Monastery in the background, I can only imagine how beautiful it was! I went to a wedding there a couple of weeks ago and was amazed at how gorgeous that place is. I'll keep Lars in mind for my friends who need a wedding caterer.

      Also, the swiss meringue on the cake? Does that have the smooth look of fondant? I don't think i've ever seen swiss meringue.

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      1. re: jessicam29

        Fondant is hard, swiss merengue is not. Therefore you won't achieve the same look. However, IMHO it does look better than buttercream and tastes better than both. My husband and I both hate the taste of fondant and as food lovers wanted a cake that tasted sensational...and it did. I had a whole spanish/vineyard theme going on...she did a great job with the cake by draping crystallized grapes on three tiers of almond and vanilla brandy cake. She gave it an antique sort of worn color. It was fabulous.

          1. re: yomyb

            Wow, what a glowing review! Will they come to Boca? That cake and paella are gorgeous.


            1. re: OysterHo

              Not sure about the Boca thing, but my guess is yes... Call Sonia.

              Oh and Thanks! ;-)

            2. re: yomyb

              Damn! And I thought my buddy's 25-person paella pan was big!

          2. Hi Yomyb,
            Just wanted to get back with you. We had our wedding this weekend in Lauderdale, catered by Chef Lars and the wonderful Sonia, with cake by Todo Dulces and all went smashingly! The food really was fantastic, especially given the teeny kitchen they had to work in. Sonia took care of every detail and they were just a joy. I need another cake from Todo Dulces!! One piece was NOT enough.

            Thank you so so much for your referrals. Sonia and Lars really made the day.

            All the best,

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            1. re: fullmanti

              Thanks for the update...and trust me I know what you mean about todo dulces....I bought a cake from them again for my husband for valentine's day....really it was more for me! And I am going to see her Thursday about a cake for my baby shower in June ;-)

              congratulations on your marriage...wish you a lifetime of happiness....

              1. re: yomyb

                Thanks and congrats on the baby! How exciting.