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Nov 28, 2007 09:46 AM

Lunch by myself in Santa Monica

Next week I have a meeting in Santa Monica which should end around 11:30a.m. Before I head back to the OC where should I have lunch? I will be off of Wilshire BLVD.

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  1. Fred Segal Cafe for salads/sandwhiches (easy parking too). Healthy-ish faire for ladies shopping and random business people looking to eat.

    Cafe Tazzina next to Staples (paninis are good there...its a small coffeeshop on 16ht and Wilshire). Soup is good as well.

    The Parlor on 15th and Wilshire: Good sports bar..its upscale and mainly empty for lunch but they do have nice sandwhiches and a lot of sports highlights if you're into that thing. Hoeegarden on tap too!

    Izzys Deli on Wilshire: I only order the burger here or the Tuna Melt. They have a counter to eat at.

    For fast food there's Koo Koo Roo...going towards the 405 there's a little complex of restaurants and minimalls around Barrington and Bundy. Wahoos Fish Tacos and I like the Cafe next to it, the Laizy Daisy for their Mango chicken salad (FRidays only)

    1. With Santa Monica Seafood's announcement today that they are opening their cafe at 10th and Wilshire, maybe you can go there and be the board's guinea pig?

      1. The Whole Foods on 23rd and Wilshire has a great salad bar, carving station, pizzas etc. and the rotisserie chicken and fries from the reddi-chick stand in the Brentwood Country Mart (26th and San Vicente) is fantastic.

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          I really dig that particualr Whole Foods

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            I will vouch for this WF's!! I can walk here on my lunch hour....while the food isn't always mouth watering, it leaves you full and happy. I have the luxury of a mid-morning break, when the sushi bar is stocking the shelves, and find the fish quite fresh and often indulge in an early lunch before the rice gets sticky n' icky. This is my comfort food spot, when I'm too lazy to pack a lunch, and don't want to risk a sub-par lunch at an unfamiliar place. Perfect for those on a budget with a palate that prefers more, but can suffice with something that simply hits the spot. While the hot food bar starts to add up $$ wise, the salad bar is always a safe well as the soups during the winter months.

            They also offer free wi-fi in the dining area, which is kept quite clean....and I find the staff quite pleasant and friendly.

        2. Fred Segal is a great idea. But I would go to Montana Ave and choose from Le Marmiton, or Rosti, or Babalu, or Grateful Bread, or Blue Plate, or Montana Cafe. Just wander and pick a menu you like. My personal favorite is Le Marmiton - their spa salad is fantastic, as is their grilled chicken sandwich with avocado and grilled peppers.

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            Second Le Marmiton and Fred's... love both these for lunch (and Marmiton all the time).

            Caffe Luxxe is great too on Montana, esp if you want something casual and easy and light.

            This might also be the perfect opportunity to hit up Bay Cities Deli on Lincoln.

            Cora's Coffee Shop

            Il Forno

          2. I enjoy Tudor House for lunch on my own quite often, their tuna sandwich is very good. If it's a chilly day, a cozy tea might be a nice option.