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Nov 28, 2007 09:45 AM

Dinner in Portland ME

Any ideas? Gonna be visiting family next month, and don't want to get dragged to the same old places; ie: Street & Co(?).... What's new and good - Hold the LOBSTER!!!

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  1. I'm sure you're going to be deluged with answers, since this has been a regular topic on Chow in recent weeks. Check the archives for any/all of the following: Caiola's, Rachel's Woodgrill, Bresca, Front Room, in addition the usual high-end suspects: 555, Cinque Terra, Fore Street., Hugo's. Bresca is the current darling,with good reason.

    1. Ditto to what Mainemal said. All excellent choices. We recently tried the new Green Elephant (across from State Theater) and it was amazing. It's all vegetarian Thai type food, so makes a great break from all the meat-laden dinner parties this time of year. My husband (who was skeptical about eating there and isn't much of a fan of vegetarian food) said it was the best meal he's had in Portland all year. Another place we've enjoyed is the new Local 188, fun atmosphere, good food, service so-so.

      1. Agree with all restaurants others posted have given except Cinque Terre. We ate there last night and were very disappointed (see post), food was inconsistent (from excellent appetizer to inedible dessert). Absolutely loved Brescas, thought it was one of best meals we've had in Portland, but the restaurant is tiny and you definitely need reservations. Local 188 has great energy, good food, and is open and bright. Also like 555 (more upscale) and Front Room (more casual, neighborhood bistro atmosphere). For sushi I love Yosakus (my husband doesnt like sushi, but loves their "teppan" menu esp the grilled salmon and shrimp). Haven't tried Caiola's, but have heard very good things about it. CandyGirl - thanks for info on Green Elephant, hadn't heard about it, but we'll have to try it!

        1. Caiola's would be my choice. I've eaten at the usual hot spots on Portland but his was truly an experience. We ate there last night for dinner and I'd say its in my top 5 "best of". We started with the beet salad with goat cheese and the crabcakes. Both were to die for and cooked perfectly. For dinner I had meatloaf and she had the paella. We also ordered an Australian pinot noir which was excellent. It was about $125 with tip. Server was as good as the food. I'd give Caiola's high marks all around. Make a reservation as it is a very small restaurant.

          1. David's Restaurant by Monument Square in Portland is really really good. The food was really tasty and well-priced. Lots of creatively prepared foods and great presentation.


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              I had heard David's had closed. Their website is still up tho, but no link to calendar and or online reservations. Hmmmm.

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                I was wrong, they had just closed for renovations but have reopened. Sorry.