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Nov 28, 2007 09:44 AM

West Hollywood suggestions?

Will be staying in W Hollywood for a few nights (La Cienega/Melrose area) and am looking for must-try dining ideas. Not interested in celebrity sightings or bar scenes, just the food! Suggestions welcomed for B/L/D from all cuisines. Walkable from hotel and fairly casual are the main criteria...

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  1. Lots of great food in that area. Check out Lucques on Melrose for dinner or late night. they have a pretty good bar menu. Also, across from Lucques is the newly opened Comme Ca. Heard some pretty good things about this French bistro.

    Vito's pizza on La Cienega if you like NY style pizza.

    If you are down for some more $$$$ dinner experiences, do the tasting menus at Bastide or Providence. Bastide is really close by and Providence is a few miles east on Melrose.

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      and Bastide is actually not that expensive if you're just doing the tasting menu without the wine pairings...

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        Went to Comme Ca for lunch today (yes they're finally open for lunch) and it was amazing! Also some other good suggestions in the area that are walking distance:

        Urth Caffe

        If you want sushi, Koi is really good, but also very much of a scene. Red Seven at the PDC is good, but only open for lunch and happy hour.

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          if you want sushi and scene, id choose katana over koi.

      2. In addition to below, Bin 8945 for great food and wine, Jinpachi for great sushi, Joey's Cafe for good breakfast/diner food, Eat Well for breakfast, Griddle Cafe for breakfast, Bossa Nova is not bad for latin fare (e.g Brazilian). I also like Cheebo.
        M Chaya is good. Hugo's is good (esp. breakfast) and has some pretty healthy fare.

        1. HUgo's
          Angeli Caffe
          AVOID BArney's Beanery
          Urth Cafe

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            Love all these places... and 2nd the above for Bin8945 and Eat Well, and Griddle Cafe.

            Also had a really good meal at Sona recently.

            For a good quaint breakfast, you're also close to Ed's on Robertson

            Also close by
            Pane e Vino
            Michel Richard
            3rd Stop

          2. In addition to those mentioned above Little Next Door, Lou on Vine, Mozza, Tasca, AOC, BLD, Grace, Hatfield's, Jar and Celadon.

            Le Pain Quotidien is lovely for breakfast. In my opinion you're staying in the best possible neighborhood, foodwise. Lucky!

            1. Almost everything in LA is casual.

              LUQUES for sure...ate there a week or so ago and it remains my favorite "non-ethnic" restaurant in LA.

              You are also very near Yabu, which has moderately expensive but really good sushi, excellent house-made soba, and a host of well done izakaya dishes.

              Sushi Wa Bistro is a unique LA experience.

              I didn't like much -- especially a daily special (dreadful charcuterie) -- at Comme Ca.

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                replying to an old thread here but i just had lunch at Yabu today and it was not good for the price. i can't believe the michelin people would even include this place. but then again from what i read of michelin on LA so far, it seems like they missed the mark all together and this place really confirmed the miss for me.

                I had the yellowtail lunch special for $13.50. the special is a combo with your choice of udon or soba. when my meal came out it arrived with a very large bowl of soba and a very small bowl of rice with my teeny yellowtail on top. the fish was the size of fish you get in a soft taco at baja fresh. when i bit into the yellowtaIl it was so over cooked it was like eating jerky. $13.50 for a giant bowl of soba with nothing in it and inedible pice of fish that was cooked to leather like is what i got and i feel gypped. i mentioned something about the fish to the server and she said that they could get something else but my lunch companion was running out of time so we left and paid full price.

                if the soba is handmade then they must moonlight as a soba factory in the back b/c it certainly didn't taste handmade. in the japanese language "yabu" can mean bush but also can mean "quack" as in quackery. i feel yabu takes the meaning of the latter. next time i'll gladly go to mishima down the street and pay half price.