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Sausage help

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I've got an uncle in Dallas who wants good sausage (BBQ style) sent to him. Any recommedations for local sausage (Please, no Southside or Meyer's in Elgin), preferrably from a place that has regular and jalapeno sausage? Also, if they ship, that would be a huge bonus!

Thanks y'all.

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  1. Smoked, dry cured, cooked or raw?

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    1. re: Greg Spence

      Cooked. We found some. Chisolm Trail BBQ in Lockhart is shipping it. Thanks!

    2. I really like the sausage from Hudson's on South Congress if you want it made in Austin.

      However, some of the best sausage is V&V in Flatonia. They sell both the pork and pork/jalepeno at all HEBs. It's raw and needs to be cooked.
      12705 N State Highway 95
      Flatonia, TX 78941
      Phone: (361) 865-3841

      Another, I just found at the Circle C HEB was fabulous. I can't remember the name but a sticker said it was served at a presidential inauguration dinner. It is raw also. THey had a few of varieties...beef, pork, venison, garlic, jalepeno, etc.

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        That probably would be Holmes which was served at one of Dubya's inaugurals I think.


        In this case, 'in the heart of Texas' means Pleak, south of Rosenberg on TX 36. They're in all the supermarkets here (Houston).

        I'm another fan of V&V.

      2. I'm partial to Coopers in Llano. Great jalapeno sausage that's like a kielbasa.

          1. By the way, y'all, we ordered from Chisolm Trail. Floyd, the owner, shipped a bunch the next morning via Express Mail. Getting rave reviews on it. (And the rest of their BBQ is phenomenal too!)