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Nov 28, 2007 09:34 AM

Belgian Beer & Fritte?

Where's the best place?

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  1. Well, you can get belgian beer and fries at either Lucky Baldwin's or the Delerium cafe. Lucky B's is in Pasadena, and is famed for haveing a dang good belgian selection!

    Boneyard Bistro has fries, not frites, and good bbq, as well as good beer.

    1. you can get belgian beer and good pub food almost anywhere in los angeles. even the movie theatres. As for belgian food, Im not sure. Maybe Brussels in laguna beach!?!

      1. The cheapest place to get belgian beer is 3rd stop. 5 bucks baby! They serve good pub food, but not the best in the world.

        For the best fritte go to bin 8945 for duck fat poached fries. Great wine, but not beer. Comme Ca and a few of the french places (le petit bistro) are suposed to have good fries, but I havent tried them.

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        1. re: jlrobe

          The beer prices at 3rd Stop were raised to $6 awhile ago. Maybe they have Happy Hour? I think Lucky' B's only has mussels during Belgian festivals and they never have frites, just fries. And Belgian beer at a movie theater? Tell me more!

          1. re: keaton

            The Landmark has (hope it still does) a great beer list. Small, but very thoughtful list. They have(d) tons of Chimay, Duvel, and Allagash belgian beers, etc.

            Also, Arclight has all the chimay white, red, and blue.

            Althogh not a movie theatre, cinespace also has decent beer to along with dinner and movie.

            Also, it is sad that 3rd stop is $6. Like i said before, LA is getting into beer and it isnt profitable to sell craft beers at $6 a pop.

            Lucky Baldwins is great. Its all about craftsman baby!

            1. re: jlrobe

              Well, Allagash is from Maine, but that's interesting to know.

              LA getting into beer--the people. yes. The bars, not so much. Still, it's gotten baby steps better since we moved here. We're still a long way from Pizza Port, that's for sure. But Craftsman has certainly been making inroads.

              1. re: keaton

                Yep, Allagash is from maine, but they have great belgian style beers. They also have Duvel, Chimay, Delirium, at landmark as well.

                As for LA getting into beer: There are at least 30-40 restaurants/bars that I frequent that have good beer lists. That is good enough selection for me. its the people im worried about.

                Also, as for pizza port, I have certainly had better beer on tap in Los Angeles. I havent had better LOCAL beer in Los Angeles though. IMHO, Santa Barbara, OC, and SD are local in my opinion.

                the difference between LA and possibly SB is that our great beer comes in our sophisticated bars/lounges/restaurants, not in the neighorhood brewery.

                1. re: jlrobe

                  Except for Kendall's Brasserie (which does have moules/frites on the menu)--I find that divier bars have the best beer selections--the only good beer selections I've found 'round here if one includes Santa Monica/Redondo/Pasadena as LA--but who else are you thinking of?

                  We haven't been to Weiland or Bonaventure Breweries, so I can't comment on the truly local breweries (altho I have had Angel City and Craftsman) but suffice to say, LA isn't a recommended area for professional brewing. Maybe, like the pizza, it's the near mythical water issue.

                  I read that Jake--who was involved in opening the new downtown brewpub--got work at Casey's. I think they're re-vamping that place, maybe they'll get better beer soon.

                  1. re: keaton

                    McG's has a good selection. Not stellar, but good. Red Lion is OK.

                    I think Naja's Place has the best and widest selection-Redondo Beach. I avoid the Yardhouse. Just don't like the atmosphere.

                    In the Valley, I really think the Boneyard Bistro offers the best and widest selection.

                    Vendome liquor and wine in Toluca Lake does a beer tasting every Saturday from to to 4 or 5. Scotland is their beer guy, and he puts together some nice tastings. It's like a buck per taste or $10 for the flight, which can go anywhere from 9 to 15 beers or more. I think they
                    don't hold wine or beer tastings in December, though.


                    1. re: Diana

                      I meant jlrobe's "at least 30-40 restaurants/bars that I frequent that have good beer lists" and "great beer comes in our sophisticated bars/lounges/restaurants."

                      Naja's..Naja's is a dive. I believe I'm going there tomorrow (instead of the Pizza Port festival).

                      1. re: keaton

                        "I meant jlrobe's "at least 30-40 restaurants/bars that I frequent that have good beer lists" and "great beer comes in our sophisticated bars/lounges/restaurants.""

                        Hey Keaton. If you want a full list, I thought of about 30 or so off the top of my head, let me know and I can email you. I love beer, I love food, and I know LA well, so I have a few recs you might not have at the moment.

                        Najas is a dive. I hardly ever go and I live a 10 minute (bike ride) away. I dont go to yardhouse either. It feels like the cheesecake factory. No thanks!

                        1. re: jlrobe

                          Hey jlrobe, i'd be interested in a list of beer places with good food. If it's got a TV to watch a game as well, that'd be a great bonus. You can just paste them here or email me at oprand at Good food + craft beer + full bar + TV set would be awesome. I've yet to find this combination :/. Thanks in advance.

                          1. re: karamazov

                            Hey Karamazov.

                            Now finding all 4 could be a problem!

                            Do you count bottled beer, or do you only accept craft beer on tap? What if a place has 8 well chosen beers? Does that count or do you want more variety?

                            Also, my list is largely made of good food + craft beer. I don't usually go for the full bar or a TV. Is that okay? Also, many many restaurants serve great beer, but with only 6-8 choices, they are more of a fancy eatery than a beer place. For example Sapphire, K'ya, Cedar Creek Inn in Laguna Beach all serve up a decent selection, but they are more about the food than the beer. Brussels would be more of a gastropub. Many of these places bloat my list, hence the 40+ claim.

                            what type of environment are you looking for? My list spans Fine Dining to Sports Bars to Gastropubs to Dive Bars to Blues clubs to night spots with food. You wouldnt go to Opus or Tanzore just to drink beer! You wouldnt go to a blues club necessarily just for the beer. You wouldnt go to a nightspot in Venice or SaMo if you are 40. You might not go to Naja's because of the atmosphere.

                            What do you prefer?

                            The only place that has all of the above that I frequent is Manhattan Beach Brewing Company. Many of my selections are near manhattan beach, because that area is my home. I wouldnt recommend driving all the way down to my area just to have a beer, but it is a nice neighorhood spot.

                            When I venture out of my area I am looking for the best food and beer available. Most of these places don't have TV's. That isnt to say they dont exist, I just dont seek them out since I have it in my home area.

                            does Lucky Devil's have a TV? If so, that should fit the bill.

                            I will give this some thought.

                            1. re: jlrobe

                              Hey Jlrobe, thanks for the thoughtful reply. I would definitely prefer beer on tap vs bottles. If i'll drink bottled beer, I might as well do that home. Also if i'm looking for good food i'm willing to compromise on beer, i'd probably have wine with good food anyway :). I'm looking for craft beer whenever I go out, which is often during sports game (although not always). But hey, just because i'm going out to get a few drinks doesn't mean i don't want to eat well i'm at it :). The closer to WLA the better, but i'm willing to travel a bit to great places. In conclusion, the focus would be on a good tap beer selection with good food to go with it, and if i can catch a game while i'm there, that'd be a good bonus. To give you an idea, i enjoy 3rd stop. It's just their food is not THAT great and the menu is fairly small. Frankly it's getting boring going there all the time :)

                              Oh and Lucky Devil's doesn't have a TV. Lucky Devil's is really much more of a restaurant than a bar or a gastro pub.

                              1. re: karamazov

                                Their beer selection (Lucky D's) is small, but good.

                                HEre is a link to's LA guide for hopspots!


                                McG's in Chatworth (WAY off the west side, I know) has a large, good seleciton on tap, and OK pub food, lotsa TVs. Just be warned that sometimes, the guy installing the kegs doesn't seem to understand how to properly calibrate the co2 lines.

                                The food at BJ's is icky, although some like the pizzas. The beer there is pretty dang good, and they usually have a cask selection, too. TONS of TVs. In the bar area its neigh impossible to escape the damn TV's. I am talking about the Canoga Park BJ's, not sure about TV's at the others. The food and beer at all of them is pretty much the same.

                                The Falcons Board Members end up at the Red Lion for board meetings a whole lot. I never go, since the food is too rich for my general meals,, so I don't know about the TV.

                                I'm pretty sure Bonaventure has TVs.

                                Lucky Baldwin's in Pasadena, as well as Crown City (also in pasadena), has good beer, TVs and reasonable food.

                                Weber's in Reseda USED to have good beer, amazing hot wings and burgers (served from a caounter inside giant lips, odd) and I know they have TVs. About 5 years ago, management changed, and the beer selection sorta tanked. But maybe since then they've improved?

                                1. re: Diana

                                  Nice, thanks a lot for the recs Diana. I think of all the places i've heard about i might just try The Parlor next. It doesn't have any good beer on tap and doesn't seem to be a very chowish place, but hey, can't go same places all the time.

                    2. re: keaton

                      Keaton, there are more places with great beer than your realize. Bonaventure isnt even worth a mention on LA's beer scene IMHO. I

                      Blue Velvet and Opus have great beers and great food. Opus USED to be one of the better restaurant values in all of southern CA when Josef Centeno had his tasting menu. Also, beechwood isnt too bad.

                      1. re: keaton

                        My menu is at, but here's the latest list:

                        Draft: Guinness, Smithwick's, Harp, Stella, Newcastle, Bass

                        Bottle: Boddington, Chimay Red Label, Delirium, Duvel, Fat Tire, Paulaner Hefeweizen, Kwak (!!!), McEwan's Scotch Ale, Sam Adams, Sierra Nevada, Stronbow Cider

                        Not on the menu but available (shh!): Murphy's Stout, St. Bernadus abt 12, and Sam Adams Light

                        Be on the lookout for cask-conditioned beer in '08!

                        --Jake Tringali
                        Casey's Irish Bar and Grill

                2. re: keaton

                  it seems like 3rd stop is changing more than just their beer prices. i was there last week, and there was a host at the door seating people (and later making one member of our party wait outside for a bit (despite the facts that there were empty tables and that he was going to be sitting at our table anyway). they also have table service, and extremely loud, offputting music. kind of a bummer -- it was a really nice mellow spot, but now you can't hear the conversation at your own table anymore.

                  1. re: tannazie

                    I went to 3rd Stop a few weeks ago and the guy at the door said that they were having problems with the liquor license and so that is why they had to be stricter about the door/seating/bar policy.

              2. Nic's Martini Lounge in Beverly Hills serves great Belgian fries, and I'd imagine there's a decent shot they have a Belgian beer on tap.

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                1. re: nick_r

                  not necessarily. Then again, I dunno.

                2. A lot of restaurants carry popular Belgian beers like Chimay and Duvel. I would see what kind of beer Oinkster carries, since they've got some kickass fries.