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Nov 28, 2007 09:18 AM

Kosher gelatin

I see this topic has come up a few times over the past few years. I'd love to find a kosher unflavored gelatin to use. Not Jello, not ko-jel - they can't be used in recipes. Have never seen anything in the market other than Knox gelatin and even when I shop in Brooklyn in the kosher markets I haven't seen any kosher gelatins on the shelves. So - are there any gelatins that are readily available to the home cook?

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  1. Kolatin, gelatin extracted from kosher hides, now produced in Mexico. The company is owned at least partially by Rav Shimon Eider of Lakewood, NJ., and under the supervision of the OU. IF you've seen Elyon marshmallows, same company. It's real pareve animal based gelatin, available in everything from consumer to industrial quantities.

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      Rav Eider ZT"L passed away in September.

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        Baruch Dayan Emes. I had no idea. I guess being out here on the west coast has its disadvantages- like not keeping track of what's happening on the east coast. I liked his books on eruvim and Pesach. But in any case, the company still exists, and kolatin is still around.

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        Any information on how to purchase?

      3. I posted the following in the past:

        I have used kosher fish gelatin from Israel. It's not easy to find and comes as a powder. The brand I use is called Viliger and comes in a blue box. I've seen it only a couple times at kosher stores in the US. I don't like Kojel as it is purely chemical and it jells immediately upon contact with something cold. Once Kojel jells you can no longer heat it up to liquify and re-jell. Interesting about Kolatin. I'm from Mexico and never saw it although they did have kosher gelatin made by Kurson.

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          Moishe Eider has emailed me: we currently have many different Bloom strengths and mesh sizes available. The price for the gelatin is $33.00 per lb. plus shipping charges. If you would like for a 1 lb. package to be shipped to you, please send in your request along with payment of $45.00 to: Glatech Productions 325 Second Street Lakewood, NJ 08701

          Please feel free to contact me directly at (732) 364-8700 if I can be of any assistance and again, thank you for your interest in Kolatin kosher gelatin.

        2. Note that vegetarian gelatin alternatives are widely available. For example, things such as agar, carageenan, and other vegetable gums. You can google for more information. One helpful site is and there are others.

          Aside from using these things as gelatin substitutes, decent recipes likely exist. They are used in both commercial food production and in "molecular gastronomy". Any natural food store should stock some of these.