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Butcher in Central NJ??

I am looking for a really good butcher in central nj...but haven't really found anything good...I'm in the New Brunswick/Edison/Metuchen area alot and work in the Clark/Westfield area...any suggestions?

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  1. Barth's Market in New Providence. About 20 minutes from North Edison and 15 minutes from Westfield via Terril Rd and Diamond Hill Rd.

    1. if you are looking for Pork Products and Poultry, consider shopping at an ethnic market. I believe Old Bridge has some very good Polish Delis/Butchers and Edison has a Chinese/Asian Food Market that is popular within the Asian Communities.

      Ethnic Shoppers are much more critical of quality of their meats, and these particular stores cater to the specific needs of their communities. To boot, you will find the quality and prices much more attractive than supermarkets and traditional butchers who charge considerably more money for the same quality or less in many cases.

      With regards to an Asian market, you will also find a very good fish monger in the store as well, You need no fear of failure to communicate,,,,,,,simply point to the items you request. If you do need to ask questions, there is always someone who speaks English who can accommodate you.

      I am sorry, but I cannot provide you with any names of any particular locations as I do not reside or work in the area.

      1. In Scotch Plains, right across from the Town Hall and The Stage House restaurant there is a good shop - John's Meat Market.

        1. Thanks everyone- looks like i have some destinations for my weekend. :)

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            Hey Sara... I recently moved to the New Brunswick area and have been looking for a quality butcher, as well. Have you had any luck?

          2. Barth's in New Providence is a great place...and worth the relatively short drive. A survivor in the field of classic local butcher shops. They are a dying breed.

            There are still two great Hungarian butcher shops in New Brunswick (Buday Meat Market, and Magyar Hentes) that can't be beat for real Hungarian kolbasz (both fresh and smoked) and various other amazing pig products. If you like the polish variety (which is really totally different) there are still a couple of those shops around too, especially on the main drag in Manville.

            For Asian markets, perhaps by now you've discovered that there is a HUGE Asian population in the Edison/Metuchen area, so there is no shortage of Asian butchers. On Rt 1 (southbound) in Edison there is Kam Man market, a great Chinese (primarily) supermarket with good meat and fish product (and a hot food section with some of the best truly authentic Chinese food in the area); just around the corner is a very good Korean market whose name escapes me.

            1. Ditto on Johns Market, they sell great prime beef.


              Join their email list for specials, although they usually have them on a board on the rear entrance.

              1. I live right near John's and work just minutes from Barth's. Both are good suggestions. My preference would be Barth's. I remember going to this place when I was about 5 with my mom. Today, the son of the man who used to give me pieces of candy runs the place. The meat is great quality. They also offer good deli meats and lots of sausages. I love their breakfast sausage and the offer frozen Merguez lamb sausages that I think are better than D'Artagnan. They went thru major renovations a few years ago and added fish and fresh produce as well.

                good luck!

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                  If anyone is interested in finding Certified Humane Raised & Handled products there's a good list of places that carry that type of product here:


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                    Thank you for posting this. I'm reading a lot of Michael Pollan's work lately and have recently ordered shares of a grass-fed cow and humanely raised pig, but I'm still looking for a convenient place to find chickens and eggs!

                2. You don not say what you are looking for in a butcher. May I suggest you look at Hong Kong supermarket on rt 18 in East Brunswick opposite Mid state mall?

                  It is an amazing Asian super market. It also has the best of produce, fish and meat I ever saw. You might have to adjust your cut names, but you will get great meat.

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                    I love Hong Kong supermarket, shop there weekly...HOWEVER the WORST part about it is the 'quality' of meat. Sure I can get a variety of most anything from pork belly to rabbit to 1$ chicken carcasses and feet....and a plethora of fish.

                    BUT...the quality of the meat is really sub par.

                    Like I said, I love hong kong...shop there weekly, but the quality leaves MUCH to be desired.

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                      Interesting...I've not found that to be the case at all.
                      The pork products particularly are very good. I rarely buy supermarket meat anymore, since I find the meats in the Asian stores to be fresher and (in the case of the pork) not "enhanced".

                      Even better is the Asian Market supermarket in Piscataway (which recently moved there from Edison).

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                        I agree with the Professor. Since I live in South Jersey, I can't shop there weekly, but every time we do, my mother and stock up on pork items. It tastes like pork used to taste! I haven't really tried the beef, as with limited shopping/freezing space, I go for the good !

                  2. I just found Perotti's Quality Meats, in Cranford. They make & freeze their own Italian meals, too. It was very busy there on Saturday (even in the torrential rain!).

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                      Perotti's is a great Italian butcher. If you are willing to travel a little, D.A. Barsch is a great German butcher shop. Best German style franks from a butcher I've ever had.



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                        Ahhh . . . a/k/a simply, "The German Butcher"! Love that place. Everything is great. Although, the course ground calves' liverwurst is my "gotta get" when I go there.