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Nov 28, 2007 08:51 AM

rami's is so great! New stew on menu...

So it was a dark and stormy night...pretty much, last Monday night. I went to Rami's for the Kebab Yerushalmi, which isn't on the regular menu but appears on the takeout menu. It's a spiced ground beef kebab, and with the amazingly fresh salad, some hot sauce, and a pita, makes a satisfying meat dinner...or lunch leftover, as it turns out.

There were a bunch of Israelis eating bowls of a reddish bean-containing stew over rice. The aroma was so absolutely perfect for a cold wet night that I ordered it on the spot, and devoured it moments later. Not sure of the name or the main bean, but it's warm, slightly spicy, and totally comforting. Monday was the first day on the menu--Avi, who used to work at the Las Vegas Rami's (!), makes it.

Anyway it's an Israeli bean stew and cost about 4 bucks for a bowl. If you can wean yourself away from the falafel and kebab Yerushalmi (a tough task for me), it's worth it.


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