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Nov 28, 2007 08:43 AM

Where should I buy beef tenderloin?

I never buy meat for myself but have decided to do a beef tenderloin for a dinner party this weekend and am a bit at a loss as to where to get it from. Any suggestions that won't break the bank? I'm in downtown Toronto but have a car. Are any of the butchers at the SLM worth going to or should I go somewhere else entirely? Thanks. :)

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  1. The usual suspects Cumbrae and Healthy Butcher are all fantastic very expensive with beautiful dry aged cuts. Whitehouse at SLM is probably the best quality meat but again expensive.

    So now for the little butcher shop my roommate has been using regularly. It's at Pape and Danforth and I believe they mostly supply to restaurants, and the retail store seems to charge wholesale prices. We had a whole chicken from there last night, delicious and $1.09 a pound. My roommate has bought rib steaks for something crazy like $5 a pound.

    I tried the sausages but they were not very good, but I've never found a good greek sausage. I bought frozen veal bones for stock there for practically nothing.

    So no guarantees on tenderloin but we've been happily surprised with most things so far.

    Ellas Meat Market Ltd
    Address : 674 Pape Avenue, Toronto, ON M4K 3S5
    Telephone : 416-461-1211

    674 Pape Ave, Toronto, ON M4K, CA

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      Great tip. I'll be sure to check that place out.

    2. If you (or a friend) have a costco membership, their beef tenderloins are the best deal on the market. You can get a huge, good quality tenderloin for about $80 - $90. You can easily get 1 large or 2 smaller roasts and several filets from it. Yes, you have to do a bit of your own trimming, and no, it's not organic. But it's very tender and it's easily a 30-50% cheaper than buying elsewhere.

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        Agreed. The price is actually less than it was in BBQ season, maybe $60 for a 'AAA' Alberta tenderloin in Cryovac. Not more than $25/kg. It's always been good for me, and I haven't bothered with the high priced dry-aged butcher shops because tenderloin doesn't benefit from this nearly as much as rib or strip loins. Tenderloin is also a good choice if you have to serve some of it medium or well done; it can take it, and still be palatable.

        1. re: jayt90

          absolutely agree COSTCO is the best place for tenderloin, we get it to make steaks and it's amazing.

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          Right, but you have to have a large family or friends to share with.

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            I agree with Toronto Jo ...we were at a friends' this summer and they had a Beef Tenderloin from was terrific.
            I don't belong to COSTCO but I do buy Tenderloin (all summer long) for BBQ Steak for me (my favourite cut) I buy it from the butcher at Loblaw's (Christie & Dupont). In fact I was just there today and noticed some beautiful Tenderloins in the Showcase... I believe they were about $45. per kilo.
            BTW....they are having a great sale on Standing Rib in two weeks for it! (The Butcher gave me the info!)
            I bought a gorgeous Standing Rib today, almost 8 pounds for just under $40.!! (the sale ends tonight..Thursday) .............Keep your eye's peeled for their ad (2 weeks from now)

            1. re: TorontoJo

              There was a very interesting article in Cook's Illustrated this summer(?) which compared prices of tenderloin. When you got the cheaper ones at Costco the amount of meat lost to trimming made it much closer in price to a butcher shop loin which comes fully dressed. I think it worked out to be still marginally cheaper at Costco.

            2. Should you be willing to go to Bruno's 1560 Yonge Street (416- 923-1311) you'll find very nice thick beef tenderloin and other good stuff there. A bit less expensive than Pusateri's but as good.

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                I have also being going to Ells's for the past 6 months or so. As I have posted elsewhere I have had excellent success with their meat. Steaks, prime rib etc. Great people in there also.

              2. Whitehouse at SLM gets all the hype. Personally, if I want beef I go to Di Liso's just one vendor south of them. I find their prices reasonable and they will cut to order if you wish even on a Saturday afternoon.