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Nov 28, 2007 08:21 AM

Best of Montreal?

Hi! My boyfriend and I are planning on a weekend getaway trip to Montreal next weekend. I am from Southern California and he is from Maine. It will be my first time trip to Canada and his 2nd (even though his first time was when he was very young, 6 or 7 years old). We are staying in the heart of the shopping and dinning areas of Montreal. We love all types of food and are open to try anything new. Any tips on where to start to get the best food experience in Montreal? (Please provide a name and possibly an address too! :))

*A few things about what we like:

We love coffee/bagels/pastries
We like hole in the wall family type restaurants
Pubs and bars (very casual atmosphere is preferred)
Italian food
Chinese food
Great beer and wine
Ice cream/Gelato
Hot dogs/ pizza
Hot sandwiches

*We don’t like: Expensive meals and Chains

Other than that we want to know what Montreal has to offer!

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  1. If you don't mind, where is this heart of the shopping and dinning areas of Montreal? Are you staying downtown? Also, what's your idea of expensive?

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      We are staying in downtown Montreal.

      $25 a meal per person is what we consider expensive.

      Our plan is to sightsee and walk around Montreal. Quick eateries would be great, foods that we can buy and take along our walk would also help. I think the only time we would go to a nice sit down restuarant would be Sat and Sunday night.

    2. Hi there - you're in luck, as Montreal is a great food city. Many great threads exist on some of these types of cuisine - here are some links so you can find them quickly:

      > We love coffee/bagels/pastries / Ice cream/Gelato

      The Best Baguette

      Cocoa Locale Cakes

      Great Patisseries, Bakeries and Ice Cream in Montreal

      The Great Montreal Bakery Hunt 2007

      Favorite ice-cream/gelato/sorbet flavor in MTL?

      Havre aux Glaces: the thread

      Best Coffee in Montreal

      > Bagels

      - covered in other threads I've included here

      > We like hole in the wall family type restaurants

      Montreal Locals - What do you consider the best small hole in the wall resto?

      > Italian food

      Home-style Italian

      Inexpensive Seafood and/or Italian in Montreal

      > Chinese food

      Favourite Chinese

      > Hot dogs/ pizza

      Best hot dogs in MTL

      Best Pizza in MTL

      > Hot sandwiches

      I'd recommend Chalet BBQ for its hot chicken sandwiches: - a Montreal classic that's been around since the 1940s

      And some classic threads you might like to check out:

      Quintessential Montreal?

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      More potentially annoying Montreal questions

      Favourites at the Jean-Talon Market

      I'll let others reply on the pubs/bars/beer/wine front since I don't follow those threads much.

      Have a fantastic trip! You won't go hungry. ;-)

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        Wow! Thanks kpzoo:) the links helps a lot!