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Fort Lauderdale - group dinners

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We will be traveling with a girl's high school athletic team to Ft. Lauderdale this March. We are looking for non-chain restaurants for team dinners - around 25 people. We are traveling from Chicago so one night dinner with a beach view would be great. Any suggestions would be welcome.

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  1. If you must be across the street from the beach, you can try Cafe del Mar

    or Spazio

    or Lulu's Baitshack in the Beach Place complex

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      Thanks for the ideas - I thought near the beach would be nice for one night but if you have any other ideas -please let me know. We will be in Ft. Lauderdale 6 nights during Easter Week. We are from Chicago so everyone is used to pretty diverse foods - so I would like to steer clear of most chains unless one is exceptionally good. Thank you for your help

    2. My daughter who is a junior in high school loves going to Taverna Opa. If you call in advance they will arrange a reasonalbe price pre fixe dinner if you go early enough. Everybody dances on the table. It's a blast!

      Where in Fort Lauderdale are you staying and how far are you willing to travel?

      1. ABsolutely look into Buca Di Beppo. It is a wonderful family style italian restaurant. The prices seem high, but when you realize the portions feed 4-6 people, it is very reasonable. We took my little sisters soccer team there the night before their game and they loved it. Carbs! Delicious, authentic, italian food at a good price. There are several locations in the Ft. lauderdale area. just google it.