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Nov 28, 2007 08:13 AM

Delivery in Roland Park / Cross Keys

I've recently moved to Roland Park (near Cross Keys) and have been looking for delivery options in the area with little success. I've mostly been going out to the restaurants in Hampden, but haven't seen any delivery options. So far, I've found:

- a Chinese delivery (No 1 Chinese on Roland and 40th) that was marginal, with decent Kung Pao, but scary orange beef

- S'ghetti Eddie's on Cold Spring, which I've found has pretty decent sandwiches, but I haven't been too fond of the other dishes on the menu

- a few pizza places, none of which were good enough to remember the names

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. We live near by on Cold Spring, and these are the places we normally order delivery from:
    Yeti - indian food, I think they are located on York at Northern Pkwy
    Angelo's - subs & pizza, at 36th & Keswick

    We also do carry out from Pei Wei just north of Lake at York. Many chower's on this site probably knock the place since it's a chain, but I think their food is tasty and creative.

    For a while we were ordering Roma style pizza from Papa Johns- apparently this was only a short-lived special, as we tried to get on on Halloween and they didn't have it!

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      Thanks for the suggestions maddogg. How does Yeti's compare to other Indian places around Baltimore? I've been looking for a good Indian place for a while and have been pretty disappointed in the standard recs.

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        I enjoy No. 1 Chinese. The food is a cut above the usual Chinese takeover, with minimal grease (especially the stir-fry rice dishes). Sorry you had a mediocre experience.

        You may want to check out Cafe Zen on Belvedere near York Road/Belvedere Square. It's long been regarded as the best Chinese restaurant in north Baltimore, and has an excellent (if still very Americanized Chinese) menu. They don't deliver, but takeout is common.

        For pizza, try Pepe's Pizza on Falls Road across the way from the Lake Falls complex. It's a popular hangout for local prep school kids. Not gourmet or Italian, but well prepared and tasty American style pizza. Pepe also offers an extensive menu akin to a Greek owned restaurant, with salads, burgers, fries and so forth. Pepe delivers.

        Egyptian Pizza in Belvedere Square is another good pizza place that also serves middle eastern foods: hummous, baba ganoush, and so forth. They used to deliver at one time, but may not anymore.

        The delivery choices in North Baltimore is limited, and probably because so many familes can afford to dine out. If you want better food, you will have to rely on carryout places. I get carryout from Alonzos, and in the past have also got carryout from the Ambassador (Indian).

        A place to check for restuarants that deliver is, and search for Johns Hopkins. There's a long list of restaurants that deliver in the Hopkins area, and since Roland Park is only a mile north of Hopkins they may also deliver to you.

      2. AL Pacino Pizza & Delivery
        6080 Falls Rd
        Baltimore, MD 21209-2230
        Phone: (410) 377-3132

        Has fresh pizza and Greek items

        There is also a Chinese Restaurant right next to Al Pacino which delivers, but is pretty expensive

        Not many places deliver to the Roland Park area though, so i feel your frustration.

        We usually get take out from Alonsos/Loco Hombre, Egyptian pizza in Belvedere sq or you can always get some pre-made things from Eddies on roland ave

        1. We like a place called Belvedere Towers Cafe, which does primarily Indian, but also has subs, burgers, pizza, and sandwiches. Plus, they're open late and they actually deliver to Cross Keys! I recommend the saag chicken, chicken korma, the vegetable pakoras, and the mango lassi.

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            I 2nd that for Indian delivery!

          2. Thanks for the suggestions! It's nice to go from zero to two Indian places that deliver in a few weeks.

            Roland Parker - Glad to hear that my experience with No 1 chinese may have been anomalous. I'll give it another try - any recommended dishes?

            1. Couple notes in response to suggestions below.
              Chinese place near the Blockbuster & Al Pacino (Falls & Lake) is closed and is being replaced by Sushi Hanna, which has another location in Towson. Good sushi!
              Kebob Stop which is attached to Pizza Boli on Falls Road (b/w Northern Parkway & Kelly Ave) has recently opened. VERY good. Takes a little longer than you might expect for order to be ready but it is b/c they cook everything to order. We had the chicken kebobs on 2 occassions and the chicken biryani on another (a Friday special) and it was great. Service is very friendly. Give it a shot.
              Chiyo Sushi in Mt. Washington is good too. Lots of special rolls. Can be pricey though.
              This may not help with the delivery issue but it's good food if you're willing to do carryout.